Guardian Derision allows the player to taunt enemies into attacking them instead of allies when blocking.


Rank Effect Cost
0 6m 6
1 7m 7
2 8m 8
3 10m 9
4 12m 10
5 15m 11


  • When blocking, enemies within 15m will shift their focus to you instead. Sometimes getting knocked down will cancel your block.
  • Range cannot be increased by Reach.


  • Synergizes well with Electromagnetic Shielding so any allies within 12m will also have some damage and all status procs redirected to you instead.
  • Works very well with Nyx's Assimilate ability, allowing any damage taken from the now aggravated enemies to be absorbed instead.
  • Can be used to quickly charge damage absorption states on Snow Globe (assuming the range is below or equal to normal size), Iron Skin, Warding Halo and can quickly charge up Vex Armor.
  • On Infested missions (due to being mostly close range melee enemies), can be synergized with Loki's Savior Decoy, standing within 15m of the decoy and blocking will make most enemies shoot at you instead, and if you take fatal damage you instead teleport to where your decoy was.
  • The Vaykor Sydon's special ability relies on blocking enemy attacks to charge up, giving Guardian Derision excellent synergy with it and easily providing free radial blinds.

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