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Hammer Shot increases the critical damage multiplier and the status effect chance of rifles.


Rank Crit Damage Status Chance Cost Conclave
0 +15% +10% 6 C30
1 +30% +20% 7 C30
2 +45% +30% 8 C40
3 +60% +40% 9 C50


  • This mod grants a 40% increase to the status effect proc chance of the weapon it is equipped on, significantly higher than the 15% increase of Rifle Aptitude. The overall effect is still multiplicative with the weapon's base proc chance, making this additional effect only marginally more useful for weapons without a high base status chance.
  • This mod can be combined with Vital Sense to increase critical damage by 180%.

Patch HistoryEdit

See alsoEdit

  • Bladed Rounds, which only increases critical damage while aiming for a brief time upon a kill.
  • Organ Shatter, which only increases critical damage for melee.
  • Ravage, which only increases critical damage for shotguns.
  • Rifle Aptitude, which only increases status chance.
  • Target Cracker, which only increases critical damage for pistols.
  • Vital Sense, which only increases critical damage.

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