Healing Return is a mod for melee weapons that heals the player when hitting a target currently affected by a Status Effect.


Rank Effect Cost
0 +1 6
1 +2 7
2 +3 8
3 +4 9
4 +5 10
5 +6 11
6 +7 12
7 +8 13
8 +9 14
9 +10 15
10 +11 16


  • Heals the user the stated amount for each status effect currently afflicting the target. For example, with a Rank 10 Healing Return (+11), attacking an enemy afflicted with Slash b Slash, Puncture b Puncture, and Toxin b Toxin statuses will heal 11*3 health, a total of 33 health.
    • Even targets afflicted by Blast b Blast, Impact b Impact or Corrosive b Corrosive procs will cause this mod to heal the user, regardless of them having no and infinite duration respectively.
      • Moreover, high Impact b Impact damage weapons like Heliocor or Shaku will trigger Healing return with every attack, regardless of an Impact b Impact proc actually occurring.
    • Multiple instances of the same status effect (e.g. 4 individual Slash b Slash DoTs) will not increase the healing given.
  • The Redeemer will not heal the user with hits from its charge attacks' shotgun shot. However the Sarpa's charge attacks will heal the user.
  • If equipped on the Deconstructor (Prime), this mod will allow Helios (Prime) to heal itself provided its target is suffering status effects.


  • Use with weapons with a high innate status chance, or weapons with guaranteed status procs as part of their combos.
  • Compared to Life Strike, Healing Return gives comparatively less healing while not requiring the user to expend energy through Channeling.
  • Synergizes well with the extended status duration provided by Lasting Sting and Enduring Affliction.

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