Heavy Caliber

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Polarity V
Rarity Rare
Dropped by Orokin Vault

Heavy Caliber increases damage of Rifles at the cost of reduced accuracy.


Rank Damage Accuracy Cost Conclave
0 +15% -5% 6 C1
1 +30% -10% 7 C1
2 +45% -15% 8 C1
3 +60% -20% 9 C1
4 +75% -25% 10 C1
5 +90% -30% 11 C1
6 +105% -35% 12 C1
7 +120% -40% 13 C1
8 +135% -45% 14 C1
9 +150% -50% 15 C1
10 +165% -55% 16 C1


  • In comparison to Serration, Heavy Caliber costs two more mod power for the same damage buff despite the accuracy reduction.
  • Instead of reducing the accuracy by 5% per rank, each rank increases spread by a specific percent per rank depending on the weapon. This effectively reduces accuracy but may reduce it by greater than 5% per rank (according to the Arsenal UI).
    • For example, a rank 10 Heavy Caliber will reduce Flux Rifle's accuracy to 16.8 from 100.
  • Damage increase of Heavy Caliber stacks additively with that of Serration. With Serration and Heavy Caliber both maxed, you can reach +330% base damage in total, before adding Elemental and Faction based damage mods.
    • Since the two stack additively, combining the two is somewhat ineffective. Adding a maxed Heavy Caliber onto a maxed Serration yields only an additional 62% of the base shot damage. This is because the relative increase from 265% damage to 430% damage is not as significant as the increase from 100%. Players should exercise caution in comparing Heavy Caliber to more conventional mod choices, such as elemental damage.
  • Accuracy will suffer on weapons without 100% accuracy, affecting the actual bullet path. This makes even accurate guns like the Soma spread bullets considerably at maximum rank.
  • Not recommended for the Miter as the projectiles will fly very far from the reticle.
  • The accuracy penalty affects the Ignis and the Penta, but is essentially unnoticeable and is functionally used for pure damage.
  • There are currently no mods that counter the loss of accuracy from this mod.




Warframe Heavy Caliber After Update 1000:56

Warframe Heavy Caliber After Update 10.4-0

Heavy Caliber After Update 10.4

Warframe Heavy Caliber mod02:06

Warframe Heavy Caliber mod

Heavy Caliber By Mogamu

Fusion heavy caliber

Fusion Rank 0 to 10

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