Hunt down your prey with this collection of lethal gear. Includes the Ivara Warframe, Rubico sniper rifle, Lacera sword-whip and the explosive Talon throwing darts.
Enhance progression with 3-day Affinity and Credit Boosters.

—In-Game Description

The Huntress Bundle can be purchased for Platinum64835 from the Market. This bundle includes the following items, with individual prices listed below:


  • Ivara and included weapons will each come preinstalled with their own inventory slots and Orokin Reactor or Orokin Catalyst.
  • Defiled Snapdragon will come unranked, requiring fusion to unlock all of its combos.
  • Despite the fact the Talons, Rubico, and Lacera all have their own mastery requirements, the bundle itself does not, meaning a player of any mastery rank can purchase the bundle and bypass those restrictions.
  • The total cost of purchasing these items individually would normally be Platinum641,075. Purchasing the bundle would remove Platinum64240 from the total cost – an approximate savings of 22%.

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