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Valkyr is imbued with energy and becomes a ball of vicious rage, capable of unleashing a torrent of deadly claw attacks on unsuspecting foes.
Strength:300 (base damage)
1.25x / 1.4x / 1.6x / 1.75x (damage multiplier)
1% / 2% / 4% / 5% (lifesteal)
Duration:15 / 20 / 25 / 30 s
Range:5 m

  • Overcome with rage, Valkyr unleashes her wrath using a set of energy claws and becomes immune to damage and Status Effects over a duration of 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 seconds. While Hysteria is active, the claws are the only weapons Valkyr can use. The claws grant Valkyr a unique set of melee combos, and 1% / 2% / 4% / 5% of the melee damage she inflicts is regained as health. Valkyr will also radiate energy should there be an enemy within 5 meters of her position. Enemies within this aura are highlighted; should any enemy remain highlighted as Hysteria expires, Valkyr will be dealt 7.5% of the total amount of damage she received while Hysteria was active.
    • Damage Multiplier is affected by Power Strength, while Lifesteal is not.
    • Duration is affected by Power Duration
    • Aura radius is affected by Power Range.
    • The energy claws and associated stance used when Hysteria is active have unique properties and interactions with the equipped melee weapon. See Hysteria (Weapon).
    • Status effect immunity includes crowd-controlling effects such as Knockdowns and staggers. Certain attacks will push Valkyr away, and shockwaves will cause her to bounce into the air slightly. However, these attacks will not push Valkyr to the ground.
    • Valkyr is not immune to Eximus energy drains or the small energy drains from enemies linked to Ancient Disrupters. However, Nauseous Crawler disables have no effect on her.
    • Highlighted enemies become unmarked if Valkyr moves out of range, negating the damage taken when Hysteria expires.
    • Valkyr's other abilities are usable while Hysteria is active.
  • Cannot be recast while active.

Main article: Hysteria (Stance)

Hysteria is a unique Stance that can only be acquired and used by activating Valkyr's fourth ability, Hysteria. This Stance overrides the Stance on any currently equipped melee weapon for as long as Hysteria remains active.


Move Button Combination
Fervor EE Pause EEE2XE2XEE2X
Delirium EE Hold E Imp.E2XE4X
Launching Spring Slide + E5X
Frenzy In Air + E
Through Strike Wallrun + E
Roaring Drums Aiming at Downed Enemy + E5X
    = Normal       = All Targets       = Slam       = Proc
  • PS4 Players E = R1 RMB = R2
  • Xbox Players E = RB RMB = LTrigger

  • There may be a dark red hue for the duration of Hysteria, making it difficult to see enemies. This is especially problematic if Infested Parasites are nearby.
    • Turning 'Color Correction' off in Options > Display can alleviate this issue.
  • Her invulnerability can be taken advantage in reviving teammates in trade of not attacking enemies with her powerful claws.
    • This can also be used to escape powerful opponents at the middle point of this ability. Allowing greater hit and run tactics.
  • Hysteria benefits the most from weapons with high base damage as well as from weapons with high crit chance and crit damage multiplier.
  • Naturally, Companions are not affected by this power and thus are still vulnerable to damage and can easily die if the player puts themselves in heavy damage situations.
  • It's recommended to activate Melee Auto-targeting System in the options as Valkyr's awkward attack animations may miss a lot.
  • Status procs such as Bleeding cannot affect Valkyr while she is in Hysteria.
  • Be aware that Stalker has Dispel, and will purge off Hysteria's effects from you.
  • Her slide melee does not 'copter' well, as with all fist weapons, the uppercut animation slides well initially, but near the end when attack comes out you lose almost all of your momentum.
  • For best use of its lifedrain ability, down enemies and then use the finisher.
  • Hysteria will be forced to end if falling into an area which teleports the player back, such as endless pits or out of the map.
  • Players who suffer low FPS (Frames per second) may want to avoid attack speed boosts, such as Warcry, while using Hysteria. High attack speeds can result in a loss of DPS as melee attacks are "semi-automatic".

Maximization is a form of specialization: mods may be blended to result in values that vary between the top-end limits listed here. Click any maximized link to learn how to build it.

  • While ability is activated, the player's melee weapon cannot receive any experience, such as shared experience from ally kills. This is still present as of Update 15.3.3
  • Using Hysteria the moment you are downed by enemies will cause you to bug. Sometimes, you will only be able to use your actual melee weapon, but it will swing as though it is your claws; Other times you will be able to use your other weapons, and all while being invincible. You must wait until the effect ends for the bug to clear. 
  • After using Hysteria, counterattack finishers performed with your weapon will use the fist-weapon finisher animation, regardless of the actual weapon carried.
    • This is hard to see as all enemies close to her will glow like this (possible bug).
  • While having raised attack speed, for example with Warcry, Valkyr will sometimes glitch. This makes the attack animation look incomplete and awkward. She is still able to attack, but it will result in a loss of DpS, due to a lower attack speed.

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