An Infested Tumor is an Infested Object found in Rescue 2.0 and Hive missions within the Infested Ship tileset. The number and the function varies between the missions selected. In rescue missions, the tumor serves as a blockade growing behind a cell; whilst in Hive missions, 5 tumors grant invulnerability to an Infested Hive.

It appears as a pulsing infested flesh embedded into the surface it latches on, with two beads of orange light revolving around the tumor.


  • If you are having difficulty spotting Tumors, the Codex Scanner is able to highlight them.


  • Infested Tumors count as storage containers, making it possible for them to drop Ayatan Stars. However, due to their awkward placements in the environment, it's very likely that — if an Ayatan Star is dropped — it will get stuck inside of the walls, making it unobtainable.