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Grineer Informer

A grineer Informer.

Informers are Grineer spy drones introduced in the Informant Event starting on July 5, 2013. They appear as miniature weather balloon-esque sentry drones that float in place on random points of the map, or drift around slowly. Informers cannot attack, or even move aside from hovering slightly in the same space. Informers are equipped with Orokin cloaking tech, which they will activate upon being damaged in order to escape, meaning they must be killed with the first shot. Informers were removed completely after the completion of the event. It is unknown if they will make a return in future.
Grineer Informer top

Top view of an Informer

During the duration of the event, Informers were found on any Grineer missions that are level 15 or above(EarthSednaCeres). Killing 20 would qualify the player for receiving the Snipetron Vandal as a reward after the event ends. 


  • Informers have the special ability of disrupting the player's mini-map when in its proximity, which is also an effective way of knowing when one is nearby. They can also negate Enemy Radar at a radius slightly larger than its mini-map disruption radius.
  • Informers will disappear upon receiving damage from Grineer units as well.
  • Informers will respond to your movements and can "see" you, turning towards your direction while staying in the same position.
  • Given a long enough radar range, it is possible to detect an Informer with Enemy Radar by staying out of its range with altitude.
  • Informers spawn on ground level, before floating up to its proper height.
  • Banshee's Sonar can spot them even when your map is almost completely disrupted by them.
  • Though they are ordinarily stationary once spawned, using Loki's Switch Teleport on them reveals that they are situationally mobile, as they will float back to their original position.


  • Since the Informer will escape if the first hit doesn't kill them, high-power accurate weapons such as the Paris, Lex, GlaiveVulkar, and Latron or even the Hek should be used if you are hunting them. Also Kunais and Despairs with a few damage mods are able to destroy them.
  • However, weapons such as shotguns or burst pistols like the Kraken can also easily destroy them.
  • Finally, high-power splash damage weapons (such as the Ogris) are also effective for taking down clusters of Informers.
  • Sentinel fire and abilities will cause it to disappear, unless the damage is high enough (like Dethcube's Vaporize), however they will not target it directly.
  • Every Frame Power with an area of effect (such as Rhino Stomp, Avalanche, Overload, Mag Crush, Radial Javelin, Slash Dash, etc.) can destroy the Informers. Ash's Shuriken power will destroy Informers of any level. (Other Powers need confirmation)
  • Despite the emphasis on destroying Informers 'as quickly as possible', this should rarely present a challenge to any Tenno unless they are using an exceptionally weak weapon; the Informers have no armour, weak shielding (99 shields) and exactly 1 HP.
  • Doing solo runs increase the number of Informers to spawn compared to doing it with a squad or another player.
  • They appear to have come back as the Regulator

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