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Faction IconCorpusBCorpus
Planet Venus
Mission Fossa
Weapon Gatling Gun
Abilities Homing Missiles
Plasma Grenade
Stomp Shockwave
Robotic 5,000
Proto Shield 2,000
Alloy Armor 100
Base Experience 1,100
Codex Scans 3
Mod Drops Blunderbuss
Shell Compression
Tactical Pump
Rhino Stomp
Shock Absorbers

Jackal is the final boss of the Venus system. It can be found on the mission Fossa. After defeating it and finishing the mission, you have a chance to receive the Rhino Helmet, Rhino Chassis, or Rhino Systems blueprint.


The Jackal is a massive four-legged mechanical beast with yellow-green armor plating. He is also shown in the trailer (2004) of Dark Sector under a completely different design, yet still heavily resembles Jackal.

The Jackal, like other bosses, has unique taunts. Here is a list of them:

  • "Trivial threat detected."
  • "Enemy analysis: Organic. Threat level: Impotent."
  • "Threat Level Upgraded. Classification: Pathetic."
  • "Prototype engagement test: Ready. Tenno destruction analytics: Recording."


  • Jackal will be waiting in the center of the room upon entering the boss room, and the opening cinematic will begin once all players have gotten close to it.
  • Its legs will slowly regenerate health if undamaged, but the rate is insignificant.
  • If you scan the Jackal before it is active, the scan will complete but no data will be given for the codex.


  • The Jackal is the first Corpus boss players will face.
  • Jackal is one of the few bosses that is not distracted by Loki's Decoy, and Saryn's Molt abilities.
  • Prior to Update 6, upon players entering the room, it would ascend from a large hole in the middle of the room by elevator before beginning the battle.
    • The elevator was removed due to issues with players becoming stuck in the area beneath it. Wall running had not been implemented at the time, making it impossible to escape without Loki's Switch Teleport.
  • Jackal is also the only Corpus boss that players will have to defeat in the assassination type Alerts Corpus missions.
  • As of Update 9, the new Grineer Galleon sets feature a room where there is another, seemingly deactivated Jackal hanging from cords in the center of the room. Possible speculation is that the Grineer are trying to harness Corpus technology.
  • The original Dark Sector demo showed the Grineer releasing a Jackal on Hayden Tenno. It is also possible that Jackal models in the Galleons are technology transfer items purchased from the Corpus.
    • Unlike its Warframe counterpart, this model was shorter, chunkier and is equipped with a more visual set of Gatling guns.
  • Sustained fire from some high damage weapons can take down the Jackal quickly without having to focus on disabling it's legs.
  • A Jackal's remains can be found in the clan dojo energy lab.
  • In an Invasion mission on the Corpus side, cargo with Jackal parts can be found on the outer hull.


  • Occasionally, when Jackal fires his missiles he will launch into the ceiling. After a brief period of time, he'll fall back down.
    • At certain tendencies, these missiles do not return for the Jackal's intended targets, as if the missiles are fired at the ceiling for nothing.
  • If one or more players are standing on top of the Jackal before the cutscene begins, they will still be suspended in the air, both in game and in cinematic. Players can shoot without falling down, but moving in any way (including being knocked with Stomp Shockwave) makes one fall to the ground.
  • If something is holding the doors open (an enemy or a decoy) when the cutscene begins, the doors won't lock down. The Jackal can't go through them so players can exploit this bug to ease the fight. (doors seem to close after a player enters and exits them, if the enemy blocking was killed)
  • Any mods dropped from Jackal will almost always fall through the floor, making it impossible to get any mods from Jackal (if the player has a Carrier sentinel, they will have an eligibility of picking up the dropped mod). This seems to have been fixed as of Update 12.
  • if Jackal is being damaged by Zephyr's Tornado, the "cast time" it takes to use will become half


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The Jackal's main body is normally protected by heavy shielding. Disabling any leg by damaging it will cause it to collapse, disabling his shield. There's a time limit and damage tolerance the it will take before it recovers. Note that the Jackal will be invulnerable for a short time when recovering.

Offensively, aside from heavy machine guns, the Jackal can launch a barrage of missiles, fires fifteen Plasma Grenades in a wave, and it will Stomp Shockwave in close combat.


BansheeSonicBoom Plasma Grenade PlasmaGrenade
This energy-charged grenade will latch on a surface and explode in energy blast.
Power Strength:
High (Scales)
Power Range:
10 Meters
Power Duration:
2 Seconds (Fuse)
Crewman, Jackal
Councilor Vay Hek
Medium Grineers
Medium Corrupted

  • After sticking onto a surface, it will explode in two seconds and deals Blast damage within 10 meters.
    • Damage scales with level.
  • Enemies will occasionally throw a Plasma Grenade at their target. Enemies known to do this are Crewmen, Elite Lancers, Lancers, Troopers, Councilor Vay Hek, Corrupted Cremen and Lancers.
  • Jackal, unlike other enemies, will launch Plasma Grenades in clusters, capable of taking down even the strongest Warframe. This is the most lethal arsenal known to Corpus technology.
  • Can latch onto a player, which will guarantee a heavy damage.

  • Has a delay before exploding.
  • Has a small AoE damage.
  • Launchers will mostly miss.

  • Plasma grenades behave similarly to those used in the Halo series, as it sticks on targets after a throw, making it a quick reference to avoid such hazard.
  • Plasma grenades seems to be a close family counterpart to Penta's explosive.

RhinoStomp Rippling Shockwave MadMoa
Stomping the ground with incredible force, the shockwave ripples away from the epicentrum, capable of tumbling down those who got caught.
Power Strength:
Low (Scales)
Power Range:
5 / 10 Meters
Power Duration:
Shockwave MOA
Anti MOA

  • The forceful stomp ripples a shockwave as wide as 5 meters radius which will expand and peak at 10 meters radius. Those who got caught in the ripple will suffer a knockdown and low damage.
  • In Anti MOA's case, when the energy shot is discharged at the wall, it will expand at peak at 5 meters diameters with the same knockdown effect and low damage
  • Shockwave MOAs have a 10 seconds cooldown before it is capable of using this ability again.
  • Ripple Shockwave is exclusive to Corpus' arsenal.
  • This ability can be interrupted on a Jackal by shooting it's leg down.

  • Knockdown radius are dependent on the surface ripples, you can jump in front of a Jackal when it stomped the ground to avoid knockdown.
  • Relatively easy to dodge, compared to Seismic Shockwave.

==In General==

Jackal has a massive amount of firepower in the front, covering is recommended when it singles you out as a target. It can also Stomp Shockwave which can be jumped over to avoid knockdown (hiding behind the pillars can also block it). Do not worry about its missiles, they are hardly lethal as they are weak and inaccurate.

The Jackal's worst threat is when it spews out waves of Plasma Grenades (each dealing 200s), run as FAR AWAY as possible, for not even the strongest Tenno will survive the blast.

It is also advised to shoot down as many Mine Ospreys as you can while taking cover from the Jackal's gunfire to keep the amount of mines under control.

Carrying an accurate weapon with Radiation and/or Magnetic properties is also very effective against Jackal; a player using a properly-outfitted sniper can disable Jackal with a single shot to a limb, allowing uninterrupted fire to the head. As soon as Jackal "wakes up" and starts moving again, the sniper can disable Jackal again. Alternatively, a high DPS weapon with Radiation and Magnetic elemental damage can also tear Jackal to shreds.

Utilizing Warframe AbilitiesEdit

An easy way to knock it down, if using the Loki, is to cast Invisibility and take him head on. You can quickly walk up to its hind legs and shoot it up close, resulting in a quick knockdown.

If you are playing as an Excalibur, save your energy for Slash Dash. Once you see it go down, use Slash Dash on him as many times as possible. His Radial Blind is also very effective in stunning him.

Using Rhino's Iron Skin to get close is also an effective method to shoot it up close as it will block it's Stomp Shockwave and deprive most of its firepower—Be aware that its wave of Plasma Grenade can still destroy Rhino's Iron Skin easily.

Frost's Freeze is also very effective. It can keep him in place for the full duration and stays when you shoot him (Probably a bug). This allows you to shoot him in the body without retaliation. This method will prevent limb damage however, requiring players to shoot the well protected head.

Against a Higher Leveled JackalEdit

Occasionally, in a higher leveled planet such as Pluto, few of the alerts are high level assassination mission which target is the Jackal.

The Jackal will still have the same patterns and method of fighting—Save for its damage buff. However, as it's 'damage tolerance' do not scale with its health, destroying it through normal method is close to impossible, if not, takes extremely long.

The only effective method to damage it is to directly attack it's shield off. Avoid shooting it's legs as it will rejuvenate all of its shieldings when downed. It is recommended to bring accurate weapons in this battle, but shotguns are also fine if using it very close up to him.

It is recommended to bring Mag along as her Shield Polarize will deplete Jackal's shield effectively.

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  • Jackal Codex
  • Jackal weakness
  • Jackal as seen in the lobby (U9)
  • Jackal during the cinematic
  • Jackal's model as of U7.8
  • Jackal, disabled
  • Early jackal concept art.
  • Strangely misnamed Jackal from an alert mission. Screenshot taken by Porygon.
  • Jackal's rockets. About a dozen of them were circling my head after he was killed. They never struck and disappeared before I left the room.
  • Warframes against the Jackal in the intro.
  • Jackal in a mission with Grineer Galleon tileset.
  • Jackal in a mission with Grineer Galleon tileset.
  • The inactive Jackal.
  • The inactive Jackal.
  • Jackal suspended by wires in the energy lab


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