Jat Kittag

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Jat Kittag
Weapon Slot Melee
Weapon Type Hammer
Normal Attacks
Impact wImpact 104.0
Puncture wPuncture 19.5
Slash wSlash 6.5
Crit Chance 15.0%
Crit Multiplier 2.0x
Jump Attacks
Elemental Type Blast b Blast
Slam Attacks
Slide Attacks
Stance Polarity Madurai Pol
Introduced Update 12.0
Deliver crushing blows with this Grineer built, jet powered mace.

The Jat Kittag is a Grineer heavy melee weapon consisting of a hammer with a built-in jet engine. It deals a very high amount of damage per swing but also suffers from a very slow swing speed. It is primarily an anti-shield weapon, offering mostly Impact b Impact damage.

Manufacturing Requirements
Time: 24 hr
Rush: Platinum64 30
Market Price: Platinum64 125 Blueprint Price: Credits64 15,000
Chem Lab Research Requirements
Time: 96 hr
Prereq: Detonite Injector
Ghost x1   Shadow x3   Storm x10   Mountain x35   Moon x100


This weapon deals primarily Impact b Impact damage.


  • Highest base status chance of two-handed weapons alongside the Serro and the Bo Prime.
  • Highest base damage of all melee weapons - tied with Scindo Prime.
    • Highest Impact b Impact damage of all melee weapons - effective against Shielded enemies.
  • Possesses momentum during regular swings, which resists interruption such as stagger or knockdown.
    • Staggers all enemies on normal attacks.
  • Possesses two polarities, Naramon Pol and Madurai Pol.
  • Slide and Jump attacks can also knock-down enemies.
  • Very large Jump Attack radius.
  • Jump attacks can fling enemies very far.
    • Jump attacks can inflict Blast b Blast damage.
  • Stance slot has Madurai Pol polarity, matches Crushing Ruin stance.


  • First strike is somewhat delayed.
  • Slow attack speed, making it cumbersome to use against fast targets such as Infested without mods.
  • Impact b Impact damage makes it ill-suited for non-shielded enemies.

Weapon LoadoutsEdit

Main article: Category:Jat Kittag Build

See the user build section for builds using this weapon.


  • Sliding and slam attacks can ragdoll enemies.
  • The Jat Kittag can reach ranges of as much as 4-5m with a fully ranked Reach mod.
  • Enormous slam attack radius.
    • When channeled, the jump attack is likely to fling all unfortunate targets several meters high, sufficient to fling them off platforms. In some cases, it can even send them outside of the map.
  • With maxed rank dual-stat event mods Vicious Frost, Virulent Scourge, Voltaic Strike, and Volcanic Edge, the Jat Kittag can achieve a status chance of 85%. Adding Melee Prowess increases this to 88.75%.
    • Combining the above with Enduring Strike will result in a 103.75% status chance during channeling.


  • When built for Blast and Impact (or even blast + corrosive + impact), the Jat Kittag is more than capable of sending enemies into or through the ceiling with a well placed slam attack, or to the map boundaries if there is no ceiling present.


  • It is the first melee weapon ever released as a Chem Lab melee weapon.
  • Up until update 12.3.0, the Jat Kittag used polearm animations as a placeholder.
  • The Jat Kittag's slam and charge attacks result in a copious spray of PhysX particles (if enabled). These sparks are colored by the Jat Kittag's energy.
    • Prior to Update 12.3.0, the sparks were affected by the wielding Warframe's energy color, not the Jat Kittag's.
  • The exhaust of the Jat Kittag flares up during attacks, and cools down shortly afterwards. This is particularly noticeable during Jump attacks.
  • When performing the Shattered Village combo using the Crushing Ruin stance, the Jat Kittag's spins results in bright trails of light streaming behind the weapon along with its engines flaring up. The Jat Kittag is thus the only weapon that has a unique attack animation when using a stance combo.
    • This animation was once used as the Jat Kittag's charged attack animation, before the removal of charged attacks in Update 13.


  • Jat Kittag on a Rhino
  • Jat Kittag jump attack explosion prior to Update 12.3, with the side of the hammer hitting the ground instead of the face.
  • Jat Kittag's PhysX spray
  • Jat Kittag in the Arsenal
  • Jat Kittag on Ash
  • Jat Kittag with Channeling
  • Jat Kittag idle stance after U15



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