Kaleen is a character mentioned in the Ember Codex entry.

Lore Edit

Kaleen was the principle investigator assigned by an unknown military group to investigate the disappearance of a ship called the Zariman, lost during "the fold from Saturn to the Outer gates", in a time known as the Void Era. She initially concluded that its disappearance was due to mechanical failure and closed the case after notifying the families of the crew who had been aboard, but when the Zariman mysteriously returned days later she reopened it and began to inspect the ship.

During her personal inspections of the ship she found no trace of the original crew but came across children on board the ship, one of whom burned Kaleen, horribly disfiguring her face in the process, when she attempted to "violate procedure" to comfort the children. She was brought before a military tribunal where she explained the story before being escorted away.

Her ultimate fate is unknown.

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