For Wild Kavats, see Feral Kavat.

Kavats are a type of companion, similar in appearance to cats.

Kavats normally live in Infested areas and feed on the Infestation. Wild Kavats are naturally invisible and are not hostile to players unless they are scanned.

Due to their anti-Infested potential, the Grineer have domesticated Kavats for use in clearing out the Infestation from their ships. Kavat handlers, known as Hyekka Masters, are equipped with advanced sensors to detect Kavats, which can also detect invisible players, serving as an additional stealth hazard in Grineer missions.

Piercing eyes reflect deadly instincts.

This sly feline is playful yet devious.

Acquisition Edit

The player can obtain a Kavat by breeding them with their Orbiter's Incubator, which must first be upgraded with a Kavat Incubator Upgrade Segment. This Upgrade Segment may be purchased from the market for Platinum64175 or crafted from its corresponding blueprint which must be researched and purchased in the Dojo or dropped by Hyekka Masters. The breeding process requires ten (10) Kavat Genetic Codes and an Incubator Power Core.

Note: The blueprint assembly for the incubator upgrade segment requires its own ten (10) Kavat Genetic Codes in addition to the ten (10) needed for breeding.

Genetic codes are obtained by scanning wild Kavats with a Codex Scanner or Synthesis Scanner. Additionally, alerts for (5) Kavat Genetic Code may appear occasionally.

The same restrictions for breeding new pets apply to the Kavat as well: the player cannot have an existing active companion and there must be a free Stasis Pod available for use.

Incubation Types Edit

Once the player meets the necessary requirements to begin breeding, the incubator offers a choice between a Random incubation or the use of Genetic Code Templates.

Random Edit

As the name implies, a Random incubation offers no guarantees on the resulting Kavat's Variant, head, tail, gender, color, or fur pattern.

Genetic Code Template Edit

An incubation utilizing Genetic Code Templates offers a much higher probability of the traits imprinted on the Template to be present in the resulting Kavat, however, this is still not guaranteed, and certain Kavat traits are not even imprinted on the Template in the first place. See the Genetic Code Template article for more information about the transferral of traits from one Kavat to another when starting this type of incubation.

Regardless of the type of incubation, once the process is started, it will require 48 hours (24 hours with an Incubator Upgrade Segment) to complete, independent of server reset cycles. This stage may, however, be rushed for ‍Platinum6415.


When the incubation process completes, either naturally or by rushing, the player will be able to name their new Kavat. The named but non-mature Kavat can be kept for as long as the player wants, and will walk around the Orbiter; however, to put it in stasis or take another pet out, it must be matured. In order to take it out on missions, you'll have to manually mature it in the incubator. Once mature, the Kavat will begin to experience daily Genetic Stability degradation.

Maintenance Edit

Unlike Kubrows, Kavats only have the parameter Genetic Stability that must be maintained in order to ensure that they perform to their best during missions, which can be viewed in the Incubator.

Genetic Stability (Health)Edit

Genetic Stability refers to the Kavat's physical vitality, which affects its maximum health. A newly hatched Kavat starts out with 100% Genetic Stability, giving it a +100% bonus to its maximum health; a Kavat with 150 base health will have 300 health at 100% stability. At 0%, a Kavat will have its base health with no bonus. Their Genetic Stability degrades by 5% every 24 hours, which reduces the amount of bonus health and even reduces their maximum health below its base if left alone for too long. The Kavat will eventually enter stasis if its Genetic Stability drops to -95%.

This degradation can be countered by using DNA Stabilizers available from the Market costing Credits6475,000 for a packet of 6 (or Credits645,000 per pack with a Incubator Upgrade Segment), which restores lost Genetic Stability by 40% per use.


To begin, all Kavats will first need a Stasis Pod to grow and mature inside before being taken along with in missions.

If a player expects to be away for long periods from the game, or simply wants to breed another Kavat, they may place their currently active Kavat in Stasis as players may only have one active living companion at a time. This clears the Kavat from the Incubator, storing it in a Stasis Pod (which can be bought for Platinum6410 each) and prevents genetic degradation. While Kavat can be brought in and out of Stasis at will, it takes 30 minutes for a Kavat taken out of Stasis to become active that can be rushed with​ Credits6410,000

In the event that a player wishes to permanently remove a Kavat from their possession, for example due to the lack of vacant Stasis Slots, the Kavat can be consigned to the Lotus for Credits6425,000. However, a Kavat in Stasis cannot be consigned and therefore must first be revived from Stasis.


  • Feral concept art shown in Devstream 58
  • Grineer Kavat concept art shown in Devstream 58
  • Kavat Armor shown in Devstream 66
  • A Feral Kavat, shown in the Update 18.5 Teaser
  • Kavat Shown Inside a Tenno Ship
  • kavat
  • Long furry ears with green eyes and a peacock tail
  • Long furry ear, teal eyes and arrow tailed
  • Long ball tipped ears, yellow eyes and guppy tail
  • Long ball tipped ears, white eyes and mermaid tail
  • Smeeta Kavat-Guppy Tail, Short Ears
Warframe - Scanning Feral Kavats Kavat Incubator Upgrade Segment Drop from Hyekka Master

Warframe - Scanning Feral Kavats Kavat Incubator Upgrade Segment Drop from Hyekka Master


  • Kavats are referred to as "Catbrow" in the game files, a portmanteau of "cat" and "Kubrow."
  • The name of at least one breed of Kavat is derived from Sanskrit, which seems relevant to the breed's specialty;
  • While Incubating, when the Kavat shows up in kitten form, you can pet your Kavat by pressing your interact button when standing in front of the Incubator.

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