Quotes from Kela De Thaym, Grineer boss of the planet Sedna

During an Assassination MissionEdit


  • "Tenno, you really want this? Fine! Let's do this!"
  • "Wake up you gutsacks! The Tenno cheaters have decided to disrespect the rules of Rathuum, and come after me directly. (Crowd Booing) Should I show them what we do to cheaters?! (Crowd Cheering)"
  • "I can tell you understand what an honor this will be, to have your tiny necks snapped by the Kela De Thaym! That's why you're so eager. I can appreciate that, and so does my audience! (Crowd Cheering)"



  • "(Crowd Cheering) Snakes, you can be part of my story, but I don't think you'll like the ending! (Crowd Cheering)"

Orbital StrikeEdit

  • "Come now, Tenno can't hit harder than that? (Crowd Cheering)"
  • "I'll be back, right after these missiles!"
  • "Let's pick up where we left off!"
  • "I'm loosing my patience, Tenno. No more playing!"
  • "This is my show, my audience! I call the shots! Who do you think you are?"


  • "The Tenno, (Yawn) I was expecting... I don't know. More."
  • "Ooh, Snake, a couple more hits to the face and you'll look just like my audience!"
  • "Where do you think you are, your Dojo? This is Rathuum!"
  • "Really now, Tenno. My Roller balls are sharper than you!"


Low HealthEdit

  • "You can't kill me! I'm Kela De Thaym, DAMMIT!!"
  • "NO! You will not- egh... (Crowd Laughter)"
  • "Tenno... Listen... I can help you... become an Executioner. You can kill all the Grineer YOU WANT!! (Crowd Booing)"
  • "AAAAGH... Stop...Tenno... I can make you famous! (Crowd Booing)"
  • "NAAAAAAAHH!! (Crowd Cheering)"
  • "You maggot-minded mongrels, they're the enemy, not me! (Crowd Booing)"
  • "SILENCE!! Who said you could boo me?! (Crowd Booing)"


  • "No, no, NO! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! (Crowd Cheering)"

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