Kinetic Ricochet is a mod that allows shots from the Tetra to bounce and travel further. Shots will bounce off of enemies and terrain.

Stats Edit

Rank Bounces Distance Cost
0 +1 +5% 2
1 +2 +10% 3
2 +3 +15% 4
3 +4 +20% 5
4 +5 +25% 6
5 +6 +30% 7


  • Can be used on the Prisma Tetra variant as well
  • Projectiles interact strangely with Punch Through effects - they will not bounce off of enemies, and will often stop after hitting terrain.
  • The mod will reduce the range of the projectiles from infinite to 100 meters. Every time the projectile bounces, that range seems to be further decreased. After just two bounces, the projectile will fizzle out after traveling less than 32 meters from the initial firing position.


  • Shots will not bounce if they are in flight for too long. It is easier to get maximum bounces using Terminal Velocity and other mods that increase flight speed.
  • Shots can hit the same enemy multiple times. For best results, fire into narrow hallways and crowded areas.
  • Works very well with Magnetize, allowing each projectile to hit the target all 6 times.


Patch HistoryEdit