Kinetic Ricochet is a mod that allows shots from the Tetra to bounce and travel further. Shots will bounce off of enemies and terrain.

Stats Edit

Rank Bounces Distance Cost
0 +1 +5% 2
1 +2 +10% 3
2 +3 +15% 4
3 +4 +20% 5
4 +5 +25% 6
5 +6 +30% 7


  • Can be used on the Prisma Tetra variant as well
  • Projectiles interact strangely with Punch Through effects - they will not bounce off of enemies, and will often stop after hitting terrain.


  • Shots will not bounce if they are in flight for too long. It is easier to get maximum bounces using Terminal Velocity and other mods that increase flight speed.
  • Shots can hit the same enemy multiple times. For best results, fire into narrow hallways and crowded areas.
  • Works very well with Magnetize, allowing each projectile to hit the target all 6 times.


Patch HistoryEdit

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