A Kubrow Den.

Fiercely guarded by their owners, the Kubrow den is capable of housing an entire pack of the feral creatures, it could be possible that the den is a link to a series of underground chambers, much like a fox or meerakat. Once disturbed, these animals will whip themselves into a frenzy attacking anything they deem a threat.

Kubrows are spawned from Dens in groups of 1-4 and will spawn another the next 1-3 times the Den is damaged. When no enemies are in range, they will gather items such as resources, ammunition or mods and pile it near their den openings. Kubrow Dens require 12 Codex scans. As of Update 14.0, dens have a rare chance of dropping a Kubrow Egg when destroyed, which is part of the Howl of the Kubrow quest line which earns you a Kubrow pet.

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