This egg is used to transplant the genetic code of a Kubrow onto a Kubrow clone.

—In-Game Description

This egg can be incubated to hatch into either a natural Kubrow of a random species, or according to two Genetic Imprints of the same species used in breeding. Kubrow Eggs are rare and can only be obtained by destroying Kubrow Dens in the Grineer Forest tileset, which is only located on Earth. Alternatively, it can be bought for Platinum6410 in the Market or obtained as a reward from Alert Missions.

Obtaining an EggEdit


Kubrow Eggs have the same visual effect as rare mods do.

Upon breaking a Kubrow Den, there is a small chance that a Kubrow Egg will drop. Usually, upon breaking a den, you will automatically pick up the egg. There are multiple dens, usually on the lower ground levels. Dens appearance resembles the base of a tree, with a root system and a hole from which Kubrows emerge. If you fire into or strike the den additional Kubrows emerge.  Kubrow Eggs use the same visual effects that rare mods and 5,000-standing Syndicate Medallions use, namely a column of light.

You cannot hold more than one egg at a time. If you already have an egg, a message stating "You already have a Kubrow Egg. Only one Kubrow Egg can be carried at a time." will be displayed at the bottom of the screen when you try to pick up another one. However, players can pick up an egg if they are incubating another egg. Eggs received as awards from Alerts will not be lost even if the player has an unhatched egg. It is the only way to have more than one egg at a time.

Eggs cannot be traded between players.


  • Running the Capture mission on Mantle, Earth is a good way to farm Kubrow eggs. Using a fast moving Warframe (Volt, Loki, Nova), simply run around the map destroying dens (on average there are 2-4 Dens in a mission) until there are none, then capture the target and extract. Alternatively you can abort the mission if no eggs are found. Running solo is considered faster and an egg can usually be picked up in around 4-5 runs. This method normally takes around 30 minutes or less before getting an egg. Also, being a beginners mission, one doesn't have to worry about high level enemies.


  • A player receiving a Kubrow Egg in the mission details.

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