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Weapon Slot Secondary
Weapon Type Thrown
Trigger Type Auto
Projectile Speed 70.0
Noise Level Silent
Firing Rate 3.3 rounds/sec
Accuracy 100
Magazine Size 10 rounds/mag
Max Ammo 210 rounds
Reload Time 0.8s
Normal Attacks
Impact w Impact 4.5
Puncture w Puncture 33.8
Slash w Slash 6.7
Crit Damage 150%
Introduced Update 8.0
CODEX Entry: KunaiCodexbw
Kunai throwing daggers offer a silent alternative to the traditional sidearm. Perfect for assassins.

The Kunai is a throwing weapon for the secondary slot, released in Update 8. It has a significant amount of DPS, but can be hard to aim with because of its arrow-like arc projection.

This weapon can be sold for Credits64 ‍5,000.

Manufacturing Requirements
Time: 12 hr
Rush: Platinum64 50
Market Price: Platinum64 175 Blueprint Price: Credits64 15,000



  • Silent.
  • Infested Volatile Runners do not explode on death when killed by this weapon.
  • Can hit multiple enemies in a short line (caused by flying dead bodies and not by the Kunai).
  • Very fast reload speed.
  • Staggers non-heavy Grineer units and Infested Chargers on every hit.
  • Fast fire rate.
  • Can be 'fired' automatically.
  • The arc of the shots enable headshots over cover.
  • Two V polarity slots, ideal for Hornet Strike and Barrel Diffusion.
  • Does pass through Grineer Shield Lancer's shield. (Needs further testing)


  • Has travel time, making it difficult to land an accurate shot at long distances.
  • Shoots in an arc, making it difficult for use at long range.
  • While you are holding this weapon, your Spin Attack (Slide Melee) does not get a speed boost. (Bug)

Weapon Loadouts

Main article: Category:Kunai Build

See the user build section for builds using this weapon.


  • Make sure to adjust your aim for moving targets.
  • When using at a distance, aim above the enemy to adjust for Kunai's arc.
  • Especially lethal when paired with Ice mods.
  • Using the Pistol Ammo Mutation mod can help regain lost ammo when needed.


  • The Kunai does not have the pinning properties of other projectile weapons, such as the Boltor or Paris, but will simply throw targets backwards upon death.


  • Using Quickdraw on the Kunai can cause infinite reloading issues. (Fixed?)
  • As with all thrown sidearms, when performing a Jump Kick, your frame will hold the kunai as dual pistols. Upon hitting the ground and sliding, this will quickly switch back to as it should be. (Fixed?)
  • When A Hobbled Dragon Key is equipped, sprinting (depending on your frame's speed) will cause the Kunai to be held incorrectly. This also applies to sliding (at slow speeds?). (Fixed?)


  • The Kunai (苦無) was traditionally a multipurpose tool, similar in design to a crowbar. It could be used for gardening, masonry, and other things.
  • In popular culture, the word "Kunai" is often associated with ninjas and is depicted as a throwing knife.


  • Close up shot of the Kunai being held
  • The stance used when holding the Kunai
  • Kunai Colour Choices
  • Holding the Kunai like dual pistols
  • Hobbled Sprinting Kunai
  • Sliding Kunai Glitch

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