For the tileset, see Grineer Asteroid Fortress.

The Kuva Fortress is a location in the Star Chart introduced in Update 19. As the seat of the Grineer's power and home to their Queens, the Kuva Fortress is an imposing asteroid base filled with formidable weapons and sophisticated defensive systems designed to keep even the toughest of enemies out.

Permanent access to Kuva Fortress is possible after completion of The War Within quest.



Unique EnemiesEdit

  • Archwing enemies will attack in open-air tiles. There are, however, no dedicated Archwing missions on the planet, and, despite the archwing being required for every mission, tiles with archwing-elements are rare.



System detour of Kuva Fortress.

  • Unlike other planets in the Star Chart, the Kuva Fortress actually moves around the Star Chart, appearing in different places in relation to other planets.
  • Planets located around the Kuva Fortress as it rotates will contain Kuva Siphon missions.


The Kuva Fortress is one of the most compact and maze-like missions in the game, second only to Infested Ships. With winding corridors leading to spiderweb like paths into branching rooms or open areas, it's easy for new players to get lost in this tileset.

Besides its size and complexity, it is also unique in the sense that it is heavily fortified with traps and indestructible turrets, that will activate if alarms are triggered by similarly invincible sensors. In addition to turrets becoming active and the alarms automatically being triggered (alerting enemies as well, unlike Corpus Security Cameras) traps such as explosives mines will arm themselves, which often are in the path of fleeing Tenno attempting to find cover.

The Worm Queen is often seen and heard on scattered monitors throughout the facility, giving updates, orders, or sadistic threats to Grineer on board. Despite this, her transmissions never address the player even if alarms have been triggered.



  • The mission nodes are all named after the Fiji islands.
  • If undetected, a special room with a big monitor will spawn many Grineer who stand idle in formation and face the screen, as information is barked from the monitor. This is the only known case of enemies being specifically placed like this.


  • On Pago in the vault with the identical rooms, if you get caught underneath the folding ramp of the console you will be TRAPPED and using the /unstuck command WILL NOT free you as the game doesn't register you as somewhere inescapable.
    • The only tested way to escape the folding ramp is to switch between operator mode and your warframe. When you enter operator mode it places your operator in front of your warframe and then switching back to your warframe will cause you to summon the warframe where your operator moving yourself forward.


Patch HistoryEdit

Update 19.6
  • In an effort to address the issue of people not noticing the movement of The Kuva Fortress, we have made the loop completion time odd rather than a 24 hour cycle. Players who were logging in around the same daily time found that the Kuva Fortress would always be roughly in the same position, and was restricting the variety of Kuva Siphon missions available.
  • Fix: Fixed the Kuva Fortress position not setting up correctly every other day.

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