Laser Deflection is an Aura that deflects laser type damage (which no longer exists as of Damage 2.0). It increases +0.3 (???) per rank maxing at +1.8. Stacked with other members using this aura, +7.2 can be achieved.


Rank Effect Cost
0 0.3 2
1 0.6 3
2 0.9 4
3 1.2 5
4 1.5 6
5 1.8 7

Notes Edit

  • There was a bug in Transmutation when Update 10.6 came out, some of the players could obtain this mod. This bug was fixed live (without hotfix), so there's no way to acquire it right now. Unlike Quick Rest, Laser Deflection was never fully removed.
  • This mod uses the same picture as the mod Diamond Skin, hence their effect.
  • As of Hotfix 11.0.6 all unreleased mods were made untradeable.

Patch HistoryEdit

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