Lasting Sting increases the status duration inflicted by melee weapons.


Rank Effect Cost
0 +10% 6
1 +20% 7
2 +30% 8
3 +40% 9
4 +50% 10
5 +60% 11
6 +70% 12
7 +80% 13
8 +90% 14
9 +100% 15
10 +110% 16


  • The mod's effects are only visible on Status Effects with an associated duration, either increasing the duration of the associated debuff (Puncture b Puncture, Cold b Cold, Magnetic b Magnetic, Radiation b Radiation, and Viral b Viral), or the number of ticks associated with DoT effects (Slash b Slash, Toxin b Toxin, Gas b Gas, and Heat b Heat).
    • This mod will not affect the duration of Knockdown or Knockback generated by Status Effects (Impact b Impact, Blast b Blast, and the panic duration of Heat b Heat).
    • As the Corrosive b Corrosive proc lasts until the affected target is killed, this mod has no effect.
    • The stun animation caused by the Electricity b Electricity proc is not affected by this mod either.
  • Status Effects from the radial blasts of Syndicate Weapon Augments and Syndicate Weapons are not affected by this mod.


  • Lasting Sting is most beneficial on melee weapons that deal guaranteed procs on slam attacks like the Prova and the Dark Sword, and on weapons with high status chance like the Ninkondi, Serro, Heat Sword and Nami Solo.
  • Stances that have guaranteed procs like Tranquil Cleave and Iron Phoenix can also benefit from this mod in extending the duration of their status effects.
  • Works in conjunction with Relentless Combination and high-slash damage melee or a stance that guarantees bleed procs (like Vulpine Mask), as Lasting Sting increases the number of ticks bleed procs will deal, hence increasing the combo counter even more.

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