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The Legendary Core is an exclusive, special type of resource appearing as an ornate gold orb, which can be used to maximize any mods without Endo and Credit costs.

Legendary Cores can be traded in a Dojo with a default tax of Credits64‍ 1,000,000.


  • It can be rewarded by completing a full set of Sortie missions (albeit with a very low chance).
  • It can be awarded by purchasing core packs from the market, though this is very inefficient due to their very high rarity.
  • It is occasionally given away as an exclusive reward by Digital Extremes.
    • Legendary Cores were originally given out during Update 12.2 to all players who possessed a Steel Charge Aura mod that was rank 6 or higher as a compensation for the resources players have spent in ranking up Steel Charge, as the subsequent update changed the mod's rank from 10 to 5.


  • Before Update: The Silver Grove was deployed:
    • Legendary Core used to be stored in the form of a mod card, before converted into a Fusion resource.
    • Legendary Core used to be the first Legendary-tier mod ever distributed in the game, the second and so on being the primed mods offered by Baro Ki'Teer.
    • Legendary Core was the second mod which has no fusion levels, the first being Coolant Leak, the third being Shrapnel Rounds, the fourth being Precision Munition, and the fifth being Astral Autopsy.
    • Legendary Core was the only mod that does not provide any mod value in the Mod storage total value.


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