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The Lethal Torrent mod increases both fire rate and multishot percentage. These additional rounds do not consume extra ammunition.


Rank Fire Rate Multishot Cost Conclave
0 +10% +10% 6 C10
1 +20% +20% 7 C10
2 +30% +30% 8 C15
3 +40% +40% 9 C20
4 +50% +50% 10 C25
5 +60% +60% 11 C30



  • Equipping this mod and Barrel Diffusion simultaneously will provide 180% multishot, giving the sidearm a 100% chance to fire 1 additional round (2 rounds/shot) and an 80% chance to fire 2 additional rounds (3 rounds/shot).
  • Likewise, equipping this mod, Gunslinger and Anemic Agility together will result in a 222% increase in fire rate.


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