Visual QuotesEdit

  • And I will strike down upon (Player) with great vengeance and furious anger!
  • The sound of hammer shattering ice is pure auditory perfection.
  • Beneath those suits exist flesh. Flesh bleeds. (Player) bleeds.
  • I have seen and conquered many clans. (Clan) will be next!
  • Does that second skin peel away just as easy as the first?
  • Grineer immortality begins with the strike of my hammer!
  • I forgot my nails... I guess (Player) will have to do!
  • I am Lech Kril. My hammer awaits your skull.
  • Trust me when I say you won't feel a thing.
  • You ever get hammered in that suit?
  • Hold still and I'll make this quick.

Audio QuotesEdit