All of Limbo's abilities revolve around the concepts of the Material Plane and Rift Plane. These planes are two separate dimensions, where ally, enemy, and Limbo himself can be moved between through the use of Banish, Dodging, and Cataclysm.


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Units can only damage other units if they are both in the same dimensional plane. Units on different planes cannot damage or be damaged by each other, nor be affected by knockdown, stagger, and Status Effect procs.

Players in the Rift Plane regenerate Energy at a rate of 2 units per second and can carry mission items such as Datamasses or Power Cells, but cannot get Pickups (unless they are within a Cataclysm).

The very act of moving between planes is violent, causing enemies to take 300 Impact b Impact damage upon entering and upon exiting the Rift Plane, regardless of what ability put them there. This damage is in addition to the damage caused by Limbo's abilities, and is not affected by Ability Strength. Warframes do not take this damage.


  • Limbo's abilities give him great survivability, making him a good solo frame. He can become invulnerable to every enemy except the ones he chooses, and being in the Rift Plane grants a consistent source of energy.
  • Limbo can use a single Banish to give a Warframe Energy Regeneration, Invulnerability and with Haven Health Regeneration for only 25 base Energy, making Limbo a very useful support Warframe.
  • In Defense and Mobile Defense Missions, Limbo can use Cataclysm to transport the defending Warframes and the mission object to the Rift Plane, making it and the Warframes invulnerable to all enemies outside of the Cataclysm. This works especially well against strong ranged enemies.
  • In Spy Missions, being in the Rift Plane will not trigger alarms when passing through Laser Barriers, making some Data Vaults extremely easy.
    • Enemies, Cameras, and Sensor Regulators can still detect you while in the Rift Plane.
    • Using Banish on a Loki with Invisibility active can let them have free mobility through Data Vaults, as Loki will be undetectable by Cameras, Regulators, Enemies, and Laser Barriers.
    • When raiding a Spy mission alone, using a Huras Kubrow or Shade Sentinel to hide from enemies will make Limbo invisible and untouchable, thus he can simply ignore all barriers, enemies and other countermeasures in the vaults all by himself.
  • In Rescue Missions, Limbo's abilities may prove useful:
    • Once freed, Banishing a rescue target keeps them perfectly safe, for the duration.
    • On the Infested Ship tileset, Limbo can walk through the detection lasers while in the Rift Plane without triggering an execution.