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Daily Tribute since Update 18.0
A Login Reward were a randomly selected item given to a player once a day for logging in. If a player was eligible, they would receive a login reward window when they logged in, which would roll for a few seconds before stopping on a random item. The reward was available once a day, where the "day" resets at Greenwich Mean Time's midnight.

Random Selection

The rewards that a player could receive were based upon the number of consecutive days on which a player had logged in at least once. Three tiers for these rewards existed: common rewards for players having logged in for 0 to 2 consecutive days, common to uncommon rewards for 3 to 6 days, and common to rare rewards for 7 or more days. The counter did not reset after day 7. A single day spent offline would reset the counter to 1 day.

Rewards were weighted, meaning that certain rewards would appear far more rarely than others (anything that is very difficult/unlikely to obtain without the use of platinum tended to be rarer, such as Orokin Reactors).

The login rewards could be one of following if you had logged in for the past 0-2 days:

The login rewards could be one of following if you had logged in for the past 3-6 days:

The login rewards could be one of following if you had logged in for the past 7 days:


  • Platinum discounts reduce the cost of your next purchase of platinum, they do not reduce the platinum costs of items.
  • Platinum discounts are not available on the PS4 and Xbox One version. However, in-game market discounts are available of 25%, 50% and 75% are obtainable through login rewards. They are single time use, last 48 hours, and don't apply to bundles.
  • To receive the 30 free platinum from the "Honor of the Lotus" reward you have to log in to your account at and go to the page where you can purchase platinum. On the right side, there will be a button to claim the 30 free platinum. You do not need to purchase any platinum to receive the 30 platinum reward.
  • Weapon Affinity rewards would not apply on any Special Weapons that the player has equipped, so that they remained viable for Trading. This would only apply if the weapon(s) in question have no affinity, Forma or Orokin Catalysts installed beforehand.


  • The Secondary Weapon Affinity reward was represented by two different icons; the 600 affinity reward showed a Lato Prime in standard Tenno weapon colors instead of Orokin colors, while the 1,200 and 2,400 affinity rewards showed an unknown sidearm that bears some similarities to the Sicarus.



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