Looter allows the Carrier to break nearby containers by shooting them.


Rank Range Cooldown Cost
0 7m 3s 2
1 9m 3s 3
2 11m 3s 4
3 13m 3s 5
4 15m 3s 6
5 17m 3s 7


Tips and TricksEdit

  • When catering a weapon specifically for looter, it is recommended that one uses the Sweeper(Prime) equipped for maximal range, spread and punchthrough (using Fatal Acceleration, Vicious Spread, and Seeking Fury respectively). This would increase the chance of carrier hitting a second crate along with the one that he is aiming at. A Silent Battery mod is also advised to avoid alerting enemies and draw aggro to your sentinel.


  • Striker does not need to be installed for this mod to work. However, there must be a Sentinel weapon equipped.
  • Looter will target Resource Deposits.
  • Looter will not destroy containers while under the effects of stealth
  • It has an internal cooldown of a few seconds.