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Lotus is a mysterious figure that guides the players through their missions. Little is known about the Lotus or her origins, however the lotus symbol on her helmet/hood suggests allegiance with the Tenno.

Throughout missions, Lotus will advise players of incoming enemy units and their awareness of the players' presence at the start of a mission and upon an enemy alerting the rest by using a control console. She will also advise the player of heavy units when they are nearby such as the Infested Ancients, Corpus Shockwave MOAs, and various heavy Grineer.

Occasionally during a mission Lotus will command that you ignore your original task and will issue a new one.  For example, during a Spy mission Lotus may order you to instead eliminate all enemy units and the objective will become Extermination. Any objects related to the old mission type will become obsolete and no longer needed to complete the mission.


  • The Lotus is voiced by Rebecca Ford, the Community Manager of Digital Extremes.
  • Earlier builds of Warframe implied that The Lotus was an organization rather than an individual;
    • Prior to Update 10 a female Grineer (e.g. a Heavy Gunner or a Ballista) will say "Death to the Lotus!" when engaging a Tenno in combat.
    • The voice often referred to as the Lotus would say, "Good work Tenno, the Lotus will be pleased." at the end of some missions, hinting that the Lotus may be an organization rather than a single entity. This has been changed to "I am pleased", stating the Lotus is in fact the speaker herself.
  • In Update 10.6.0, the Lotus's profile image changed to resemble a vampire for Halloween, featuring scarlet clothing, pale skin, and a trickle of blood running from her mouth.
  • In earlier versions the Lotus seemed to be human based on her speech patterns, such as making informal statements ("That's it, now get the hell out of here"). These lines have since been revised with a more formal tone.
  • Several speculations amongst the community (like this) have suggested that she may be a self-serving entity only using the Tenno, as the vital information and later consequences of their missions are never fully disclosed.
  • Her pronunciation of "Orokin" changed when her voice was overhauled in Update 11; prior to that she pronounced it as "Or-o-kin" but from Update 11 onwards she now pronounces it as "ORO-kin".
  • The Lotus has stated she has crafted the Dex Furis in the Anniversary e-mail sent to players, implying she is capable of engineering feats.
  • The Lotus' convictions may be religious. This is shown when she contacts you in Asassinating Alad V. She says: "Alad V sees the power of the Tenno and thinks he can take it for himself. That power is sacred. His blasphemy must end now."

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