Lunaro is an ancient ball full of energy


General DescriptionEdit

The Lunaro along with its unique properties has it own physics that are unlike any other round object in game. The ball rarely abides the classic rules of physics and mostly behaves oddly and in unpredictable way.

Physical PropertiesEdit


The ball's behavior is influenced by specific conditions:

  • Elevation change
  • Warframe interaction (excluding melee)
  • Warframe melee interaction
  • Terrain (Barrier and Ground)
  • Surroundings (Pillars and Goal cells)


Lunaro emits constant colors mainly based on Warframes interactions and melee hits.


Despite the fact that the ball is attracted to gravity as well as the whole arena is set on Lua's surface, the ball behaves as if it has multiple weights when met with any of the conditions above.


The ball is also capable of knocking down Warframes and explode when the ball carrier runs out of time, and when rebounding from surroundings.

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