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Faction IconCorpusBCorpus
Type Ranged
Weapon Plasma Rifle
Robotic 60
Puncture b+  Electricity b++  Radiation b+  Slash b-  Toxin b-
Shield 150
Impact b++  Cold b++  Magnetic b+++  Puncture b-  Radiation b-
Base Multiplier Torso: 2.0x
Fanny Pack: 3.0x
Gun: 0.5x
Base Experience 50
Base Level 1
Unprotected Parts All
Codex Scans 20
Mod Drops Ammo Drum
Fusion Core
North Wind
Smite Grineer
Melee Channel
Cleaving Whirlwind

Standard MOAs are identified by their green color and are the most common, weakest type of MOA. They will often attempt to overwhelm players with sheer numbers.

They make screeching sounds when alerted, and their main method of offence is to rush forward in relatively small groups, firing once its target is within range. They are essentially bipedal turrets. MOAs are immune to elemental stuns, although staggers and knockdowns work on them. MOAs rarely, if ever, take cover; they rely on their fairly thin shields for additional protection.

Whilst standard MOA do not pose a significant threat at lower levels, high level units can cause very serious damage in a short amount of time thanks to the high rate of fire on their plasma gun, and the improved damage and accuracy they gain from being high level. It is especially important to keep them away from the Defense objective as a result, as even a lone unit can easily cause critical damage to the objective.

MOAs can recover from knockdowns with a quick kick-up, though additional knockdowns soon afterwards will result in a slower recovery, as additional knockdowns while they are recovering will cause the animation to reoccur (possibly a bug).


  • MOAs are the fastest common land-based enemy fought in the game, and also all its other variants.
  • MOAs engage targets by flanking them and gunning them down with rapid laser fire. It is advised to keep moving while engaging them to avoid getting flanked and swarmed.
  • They are commonly treated to be the frontline units of a Corpus group, backed with Crewmen.
  • Unlike their Crewmen masters, the MOAs fire constantly, making quick work of shields.
  • MOAs need to stand still before they fire. That means they are safest to take down while moving.
  • Their erratic screeches can tell whether they are alarmed.
  • They are the first to be encountered by players that cannot be Stealth attacked.
  • Its torso is located at the middle section of the MOA's body. Shooting the MOA's turret will make it take 50% less damage.
  • They can spawn indefinitely in some cases from Spawners.


  • Moa is the name of an extinct species of bird from New Zealand.
  • MOA is believed to be an acronym, but due to the nature of the in-game UI, it is hard to distuinguish if it is fully capitalized or not.
    • MOA has been suggested to mean terms such as Mobile Offensive Armature, Moving Ordinance Applicator, Militarized Orokin Assault, Massive Organism Annihilator or Military Ostrich Android. (Refer to this page's comments section.)
  • As of the current update, the standard MOA is the smallest of its kind unlike its modified variants.
  • The shape of the MOA from the waist down is very similar to the design of the Stalker in Dark Sector.
  • MOAs can be summoned as temporary followers to aid the Tenno, if one hacks a MOA Cabinet Spawner.


  • Moa Codex
  • MOA Weakness
  • MOA's head.


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