A different take on a familiar combat knife, the Machete Wraith features a unique styling.

The Machete Wraith is a unique Wraith variant of the Machete, featuring an increased base damage. Originally obtained from completing at least 25 missions during The Gradivus Dilemma, the Machete Wraith is the second Wraith weapon to be released, after the Strun Wraith.


This weapon deals primarily Slash b Slash damage.


  • Above-average base damage.
  • Above-average attack speed.
  • Staggers non-boss enemies on every hit.
  • 2 Madurai Pol polarity slots.
  • Fastest finisher animations of all melee weapons.
  • High block effectiveness (85%).


  • Small jump attack AOE.
  • Reduces player's speed while attacking.
  • Low critical chance.


  • Machete Wraith, compared to Machete:
    • Higher base damage (45.0 vs. 25.0)
      • Higher Impact b Impact damage (6.75 vs. 3.75)
      • Higher Puncture b Puncture damage (6.75 vs. 3.75)
      • Higher Slash b Slash damage (31.5 vs. 17.5)
    • Higher attack speed (1.08 vs. 0.92)
    • Different polarities (Madurai PolMadurai Pol vs. None)


  • The Machete Wraith was awarded to those who fought 25 battles in The Gradivus Dilemma. The counterpart to this weapon is the Prova Vandal, which would have been awarded if the Corpus had won the event.
  • The Machete Wraith can be purchased from Baro Ki'Teer in the Concourse section of the Tenno Relay for Credits64250,000 and PrimeBucks410. Note that Baro Ki'Teer's stock changes with each appearance, and this weapon may not be available on a succeeding appearance.

Weapon LoadoutsEdit


  • The Machete Wraith has one of the highest damage reduction on blocking of all melee weapons, capable of reducing 85% of incoming damage from the front.
  • The Gradivus Dilemma was introduced as a chance to bring back the original Machete as it was decommissioned prior to event and cannot be expected to return. However, from July 10, 2014 to July 16, 2014 the original Machete's blueprint was given to players upon logging in as an apology for the delay of Update 14.0.
  • This is the second Wraith(after Strun Wraith) and also the first event-exclusive melee weapon.


  • Even though it is not a heavy melee weapon, the Machete Wraith seems to be treated like one. It features a relatively slow swing speed and will slow the player to a walking pace when the weapon is swung. In addition, it can hit two enemies with each swing, instead of only one like most long swords.
  • As with all Wraith weapons, only the energy color can be changed. Other colors may be selected, but will not show on the weapon, unless said weapons possesses a skin.
  • The Machete Wraith is the second Wraith weapon to be re-released, after the Strun Wraith.


  • Machete Wraith
  • Machete Wraith-note that energy color is changeable which is glowy bit on blade
  • Notice the energy color difference on my other photo-taken by kocainicorn
  • Machete Wraith Codex

Machete Wraith Skins

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See AlsoEdit

  • Machete, the original counterpart of this weapon.
  • Wraith, a special weapon variant.
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