Update 21.7
  • Fixed an effects-leak that could occur if Mag was killed at the right moment while casting Polarize.
  • Fixed offset issues with Syandanas on Mag.

Hotfix 21.1.1

  • Fixed the Zakti projectiles not hitting enemies in Mag’s Magnetize field.

Hotfix 21.0.7

  • Augment: Fixed Mag’s Magnetized Discharge not triggering when using the "use selected ability" key.

Update: Chains of Harrow

  • Fixed Napalm Bombard fire projectiles not being affected by Mag's Magnetize (projectile attractors).

Hotfix 20.7.1

  • Augment: Mag's Magnetized Discharge disarm will now also have a chance to Disarm when the bubble explodes naturally.

Update 20.7

  • Augment: Magnetize - Magnetized Discharge: Manually detonate Magnetize by recasting on the target. Enemies hit have a 50% chance to become disarmed.

Hotfix 20.6.1

  • Pull, Magnetize, and Polarize can now be cast while in motion - their animations now only take place on the upper body.
  • Removed the .75 second delay at the end of Mag’s Crush cast.

Update 20.1

  • Conclave:
    • Reduced Mag's Crush range in Conclave.
    • Removed the Impair debuff from Mag's Crush in Conclave.
    • Added a Range indicator effect on Mag’s Crush.

Hotfix 20.0.9

  • Fixed Mag’s Magnetize visuals appearing larger than the actual attractor radius when applied to certain enemies (e.g. Bombards).

Update: Octavia's Anthem

  • Conclave: Mag's Crush range increased in Conclave.
  • Magnetize used by enemy NPC Mag’s will now have a 1 second delay before the actual ability is deployed to prevent players from instantly 1-shotting themselves when facing these enemies.
  • Fixed Euphona Prime Alt fire not reacting to Mag's Magnetize.
  • Fixed an issue with enemy Magnetize not functioning against Clients.

Hotfix 19.11.5

  • Conclave: Fixed Mag's Sapping Reach in Conclave removing Energy from teammates (should only remove from enemies).

Hotfix 19.11.4

  • Conclave: Fixed Mag's Polarize being cast without a target in Conclave refunding energy.


  • Fixed a script error when casting Mag’s Magnetize.

Update 19.10

  • Energy will now be refunded when the target dies between Magnetize's cast and effect.
  • Fixed Mag’s Noble and Agile animation stance breaking when equipping dual pistols.

Update 19.9

  • Fixed Mag's Polarize shrapnel limit not being applied correctly (would sometimes give you one less than the intended limit).

Update 19.8

  • Fixed pick-ups sometimes falling through the ground after being moved by Vacuum or Mag’s passive or Greedy Pull ability.

Hotfix: The Index Preview 4

  • Fixed friendly Mag Specter in The Index from damaging ally players with her Polarize ability.

Update: The Index Preview

  • Conclave: Increased damage of Mag’s Pull in Conclave.

Update: The Silver Grove

  • Conclave: Increased animation speed of Mag’s Crush in Conclave.

Hotfix: Specters of the Rail 10

  • Updated metal and diffuse maps on Mag Alta helm & body.

Update: Specters of the Rail

  • Fixed unneeded resources floating where they touched Mag when she bullet jumps in the Simulacrum.

Hotfix 18.13.3

  • Fixed insta-killing enemies with Mag’s Magnetize + Crush due to enemies not being able to get up.

Update 18.13.2

  • Improved the FX of Mag’s Polarize.
  • Fixed Mag’s Crush FX not playing properly for Clients.
  • Fixed Mag’s Magnetize bubble being invisible when inside it.
  • Fixed Mag dealing self-damage with Magnetize.
  • Lanka projectiles will now only increase the combo counter once per enemy hit when shot into Mag’s Magnetize. This also fixes firing the Lanka in Mag’s Magnetize bubble resulting in a massive unintended Sniper combo increase.
  • Fixed multiple Bastille’s appearing when casted by Vauban in Mag’s Polarize.
  • Fixed Mag’s Magnetize bubble lingering permanently when Vauban’s Vortex/Bastille is thrown inside it. This also fixes intensified FX in this situation that caused performance issues.
  • Fixed overlapping text of Mags abilities in the Tutorial UI.

Hotfix 18.13.1

  • Temporarily removed Mag's Vacuum Passive sound until we can refine.

Update 18.13

  • Passive: Vacuum effect on every Bullet Jump.

Mag Changes

  • Pull: Pull remains mostly the same as before. If an enemy is magnetized, bonus damage is dealt. Kills have a bonus chance of dropping energy, while causing enemies to experience almost physics-defying deaths.
  • Magnetize: Magnetize (previously Bullet Attractor) will root the target in place. Damage over time is dealt to all enemies within a set radius, with the amount of damage based on how far from the center of the Magnetized they are. A percentage of the damage of absorbed bullets/projectiles/shrapnel will be used to increase the DOT. Up to 4 targets can be Magnetized at this time.
  • Polarize: Polarize now spreads like Nova’s Molecular Prime that expands out over time. Targets with shields will take a fixed shield damage (no longer a %), while targets with armour take health damage and a permanent armour debuff. Targets will emit a piece or two of shrapnel which can be used to create synergies with Mag's other abilities.
  • Crush: Will now deal bonus damage to magnetized enemies.

Hotfix 18.8.2

  • Fixed Mag’s Bullet Attractor targeting Corrupted Vor’s head making it difficult to defeat him due to his stomach weak spot.

Update 18.7

  • Conclave: Fixed Mag’s Pull stagger not properly being affected by stagger immunity Mods in Conclave.

Update 18.5

  • Augment: Mag’s Fracturing Crush will no longer stop boss-type enemies.
  • Prime: Fixed the left Edo and Left Prisma Edo Shoulder Plate clipping through Mag Prime’s shoulder.
  • Mag’s Pull will no longer move boss-type enemies.
  • Mag’s Crush will no longer lift or ragdoll boss-type enemies.
  • Fixed the Atomos causing Mag’s Bullet Attractor bubble to turn black when hit.

Update 18.4

  • Fixed Mag's Bullet Attractor not properly drawing projectiles to hit its target.
  • Fixed an error causing Grineer Ramparts to ignore projectile attracting abilities such as Mag's Bullet Attractor and Zephyr's Turbulence.

Update 18.3

  • Conclave:
    • Mag, Volt and Excalibur are now purchasable through Teshin's Conclave Offerings at the Typhoon rank.
    • Mag's Bullet Attractor no longer requires a target to activate in Conclave, encouraging greater accuracy and less button spam.
  • Fixed a bug preventing Mag's Bullet Attractor Ability from pulling in projectiles.

Update 18.0

  • Conclave: Reduced the amount of shields Mag's Shield Polarize grants in PvP.
  • Prime: Mag Prime has been given a fresh PBR upgrade!

Hotfix 17.5.5

  • Fixed Mag’s Bullet Attractor becoming visually frozen.

Update 17.5

  • Mag's Pull now requires an open path to affect targets -- resources and enemies can no longer be pulled through walls or closed doors, but enemies can still be pulled out of cover and behind obstacles.

Update 17.3

  • Fixed an improper visual effect on Mag’s Shield Polarize.

Hotfix 17.0.4

  • Augment: Mag’s Greedy Pull Mod will no longer pull Syndicate Medallions.

Update 17.0

  • Conclave:
    • Mag's Pull damage has been reduced in PvP.
    • Mag's Bullet Attractor radius and lifespan has been decreased in PvP.
    • Mag's Crush damage has been increased in PvP.
  • Prime: Base hp increased from 75 to 100.

Update 16.11

  • Augment: Mag’s Greedy Pull will now only draw in items for Mag.

Update 16.8

  • Fixed Mag’s Shield Polarize not properly reflecting her custom energy color when used on enemies.

Update 16.6

  • Conclave: Mag's Pull damage has been reduced in PvP.

Update 16.5.2

  • Fixed Mag’s Shield Polarize wiping any overshields you had regardless of having Mag’s Shield Transference Augment Mod or not.

Update 16.4

  • Conclave: Decreased the damage of Mag’s Pull in PvP.

Update 16.3.1

  • Prime: Fixed emblems not sitting properly on Mag Prime.

Update 16.2

  • Conclave: Increased Mag’s Pull range in PvP.
  • Fixed projectiles affected by Mag’s Bullet Attractor not doing any damage.

Update 16.1.3

  • Augment: Fixed Mag’s Shield Transference not applying the players energy color to the ability.
  • Effects on Mag’s Bullet Attractor now match her energy color.

Update 16.0.4

  • Conclave:
    • Increased the range of Mag’s Pull ability in PvP.
    • Increased the amount of overshield from Mag’s Shield Polarize ability in PvP.

Update 16.0.3

  • Fixed Trinity’s Well of Life and other powers for clients targeting invulnerable enemies after Mag’s Bullet Attractor had expired.

Update 16.0

  • Augment: Crush - Fracturing Crush: Survivors have their armor decreased by 50% and become unable to move for 7 seconds.
  • Conclave:
    • Augment: Pull - Sapping Reach: Pull steals up to 25 energy from the target.
    • Augment: Shield Polarize - Shield Overload: Increases the time for a target’s shields to regenerate by 9 seconds.
  • Mag`s Crush now ticks three times during its casting animation. New enemies that enter within the range will be caught within Crush during each tick.
  • Enemies that survive Mag`s Crush will be ragdolled at the end of the animation.

Update 15.13

  • Prime: Mag Prime’s Crush now has a bit of Prime flair to its visual effect.

Update 15.12

  • Augment:
    • Fixed Mag’s Greedy Pull not properly using its full range for other clients when relocating items.
    • Fixed Mag’s Greedy Pull moving weapons disarmed by the Drahk Master, making the weapon unrecoverable.

Update 15.11

  • Augment: Fixed Mag’s Greedy Pull not picking up items within range on client, due to host registering items as being further away.
  • Slightly lowered the speed in which Mag’s Pull Ability will drag enemies and items towards you.

Update 15.10

  • Augment: Fixed Mag’s Greedy Pull picking up items at only half the range it should be.

Update 15.7

Update 15.6

  • Augment: Shield Polarize - Shield Transference: Creates a small shield dome around Mag that protects for 15% / 25% / 35% / 50% of depleted enemy shields.

Update 15.2

  • Mag’s Shield Polarize will now check for line of sight when targeting enemies.

Update 15.1.2

  • Fixed Mag's Bullet Attractor killing player sentinels.

Update 15.0

  • Augment: Pull - Greedy Pull: Pulls pickups towards Mag.

Update 14.0

  • Excalibur, Mag, and Volt now make up the starter Warframe options.
  • Tweaked the Bow Idle animations on Mag.
  • Improved the visuals on Mag's Pull ability.

Hotfix 13.9.1

  • Conclave: Fixed an issue with Mag's Crush ability doing no damage to other players in Conclave matches.
  • Mag’s Shield Polarize now indicates enemy shields explode.

Update 13.9

  • Prime: Fixed an issue with Mag Prime's shoulder not using the correct texture.

Update 13.6

  • Tweaked a number of armor offsets on Mag.

Update 13.3

  • Added a Codex entry for Mag Prime.

Hotfix 13.1.2

  • Fixed a number of projectile types ignoring Mag's Bullet Attractor power.

Update 13.0

  • Visual FX tweaks to Mag’s Pull.

Update 11.2

  • Mag has received a buff to her Armor stat: Buffed to 65 (from 50).

Update 10.5.3

  • Fixed Grineer Rollers becoming invincible when affected by Mag's Pull ablility.

Update 10.3

  • Prime: Improved Mag Prime materials to better allow tinting.
  • Fixed Mag’s Shield Polarize ability FX on enemies to use correct color.

Update 10.1.1

  • Prime: Fixed misaligned emblems for Mag Prime.

Update 10.0

  • Prime: Mag Prime released as the first Female Prime Frame.
  • Added idle FX to Mag.

Update 9.8

  • Pull: Change damage type to use ragdolls for the pulling instead of sliding. Increased amount of damage dealt. Should be more in-line with other Warframe powers now.
  • Shield Polarize: Radial damage that is dealt when shields are removed is now scaled based on fusion level.
  • Bullet Attractor: Added damage multiplier on the targeted enemy, making ability much more deadly.
  • Crush: Damage timing changes.
  • New death animation for Mag’s Crush ability.
  • Updated sounds for Mag’s abilities.
  • Fixed AI affected by Mag’s Bullet Attractor ability from shooting once then stopping for several seconds.

Update 8.3.1

  • Mag's Shield Polarize is now percentage-based instead of flat power (10/15/25/50)%.
  • Various tweaks to Mag’s Pull.
  • Fix for size inconstancy in Mag’s Bullet Attractor.
  • Fix for Mag’s Pull not working as intended when client.

Update 8.3

  • Pull - Changed to pull all targets in front of the player.
  • Shield Polarize - Now radial instead of single target. Radial damage around enemy targets that suffer shield drain.
  • Bullet Attractor - Bullet attractors now become volatile when target dies before attractor is finished, these cause radial damage around the dead target.(needs more visual polish).
  • Fixed enemies springing to their feet immediately after surviving Mag's Crush ability.
  • Fixed multiple issues with Mag Bullet Attractor ability (FX on host/client, unintended projectile weapon behaviour, Glaive was not working with this ability).

Update 8.1.0

  • Fixed issue where using Mags Crush on Moas would cause them to “die” twice.

Update 7.11

  • Players using Hacking terminals will not be affected by Mag's Pull power.
  • Fixed Mag's Bullet Attractor hanging when cast on certain enemies.
  • Fixed Mag's Bullet Attractor ability having limited use against Fusion MOAs, power effect now more in-line with other enemies.

Update 7.10

  • Fixed Mag's Crush power being locked "in use" after using destructive power on explosive nervos.

Update 7.9

  • Mag's helmet effect now works with "energy" palette color changes.
  • Fixed Mag's Shield Polarize power playing sound twice.

Update 0.0

  • Introduced with game release.

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