A primitive and devout civilization was carved into the dust-filled canyons of Mars. These aging and severely eroded habitations miraculously remain intact, regardless of how much Grineer machinery has been fastened to it. Rusty metal and oil-soaked sand mark the territory of its new proprietors.

—Mars Fragment

Mars is a planet under Grineer control, with skirmishes and several Crossfire missions with the Corpus.

Mars becomes accessible by defeating the Specter in the Mars Junction on Earth after completing the required tasks.

The Assassination Target for Mars is Lieutenant Lech Kril, located in the mission node War. Lieutenant Lech Kril drops the component blueprints for the parts of the Excalibur Warframe.

Mars is the only planet to feature the Grineer Settlement Tileset as its primary environment.

Mars was originally inhabited by a civilization that worshiped the golden 'Skymen'. The Grineer eventually invaded the planet in their usual violent manner, Baro Ki'Teer is the only known survivor of that. It is also the possible place of origin of the Inaros Warframe.

Since Update: Plains of Eidolon, Maroo's Bazaar was relocated from Earth to Mars.


Invasion Missions: The Infested will always appear as an "Opposing" faction during Invasion missions.

Spy Missions: Special enemy variants have a chance of spawning during Spy missions.

Survival Missions: The following lists below do not apply to Survival missions.

Corpus Grineer Infested



  • Due to the split Corpus and Grineer ownership of Mars, faction incursions have a higher chance of occurring, including on missions that normally do not feature said incursions such as Mobile Defense.
  • An immense object can be seen above the clouds in space; the object appears to be a Grineer Asteroid base and possibly one of Mars's two moons, either Deimos or Phobos. This is quite remarkable for how large the object is seen in space, perhaps making it the largest Grineer mining operation to date.
  • Although the Grineer are supposed to have recently occupied the planet (or that it is one of their most recent occupations at any rate) there are signs of very old Grineer-like equipment scattered and rusting in some places, perhaps suggesting that the Grineer were previously here before but had to evacuate at some point.
  • The planet is littered with massive wind generators, providing what appears to be the majority of the planet's power, and various pumps and water bays are used to filter and process water.



  • Mars is named after the Roman God of war; both the god and planet are associated with war and death.
    • Most of Mars's mission nodes are named after geographical locations on Mars.
      • Ultor is an exception; it is instead named after one of Mars' epithets, Mars Ultor ("Mars the Avenger" in Latin).
  • The fact that both the Corpus and the Grineer are present on Mars is a nod to The Gradivus Dilemma, which ended with the Grineer taking over several nodes originally controlled by the Corpus.
    • Along with the Infested-controlled Dark Sectors, this makes Mars the first (and so far, the only) planet where all three major enemy factions are present.
    • Mars was a purely Corpus-controlled planet from Update 14.0 until Update 15.13, when several nodes were given to the Grineer.
  • When originally released, Mars had the snowy Corpus Outpost tileset as its environment, which did not reflect the red, sandy environment that Mars has. This was fixed in Hotfix 16.5.6, with the Grineer Settlement tileset replacing Corpus Outpost as the main planetary tileset to better reflect Mars' appearance.
    • Due to an additional change in the Specters of the Rail update, Fieldron samples drop on this planet, even though the Grineer control almost all the nodes on the planet. Whether this is an inconsistent error, or a nod to the fact that the Corpus used to completely control Mars, is unknown.
    • Upon reflecting changes after the previous Star Chart UI was replaced in Update: Specters of the Rail. Snowy spots are view-able on Mars' surface where the Corpus reside in their Corpus Outposts.


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