Master Thief

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Polarity Bar
Rarity Rare
Dropped by Grineer Scorpion
Hyena Pack
Corpus T3 Defense Reward

Master Thief grants a chance of unlocking locked lockers. Upon approaching a locked locker (with a red light) the mod automatically tries to make it unlockable. If it works, you'll see a blue light, hear a hissing sound and the light will turn green, allowing you to open the locker.


Rank Effect Cost Conclave
0 10% 10 C1
1 20% 11 C1
2 30% 12 C1
3 40% 13 C1


  • This mod can be very useful when trying to farm resources or Nav Coordinates since lockers have a chance of dropping them.
  • A good place to search for this mod is on Pluto (Narcissus and Outer Terminus), since the tier 3 defense mission rewards start on wave 5 on these maps (Master Thief is a tier 3 corpus reward with a 2% drop chance 1).
  • Can be acquired through Transmutation.
  • Can be acquired on Venera, Venus wave 15+
  • Can also be acquired on Olympus, Mars wave 15+
  • Lockers in the Orokin Void are affected by this mod. This can be helpful in finding the rare Argon Crystal.
  • The effects of this mod do not stack when multiple players in a party have it equipped. If a locker fails to unlock when Master Thief is applied to it, it will not unlock if other players with the mod equipped also try on the same locker.
    • It also seems it doesn't stack with Scavenge either, as lockers that don't unlock from the mod will be mostly ignored by your Kubrow.


  • It seems multiplayer lag can make this ability skip over lockers, thus going back and waiting a second by it can get a successful unlock.
  • After getting knocked down you will sometimes be unable to open lockers at all, it seems crouching and then blocking fixes it occasionally, same as waiting a minute or getting knocked down again.
  • Blue light and unlock sound appear to not show up unless you are host.


  • Prior to PVP being incorporated in to Solar Rail Conflicts, Master Thief was obtainable from Tenno Specter. As of update 14.6.1, Tenno Specter drops are no longer added to the player's inventory when the mission is finished.



Master Thief

Upon coming in contact with a red locker, there is a chance of it being unlocked if you are equipped with Master Thief. If successful, there will be a small hissing sound and the locker will glow blue if the area is dark enough.

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