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Master Thief grants a chance of unlocking locked lockers.


Rank Effect Cost Conclave
0 +10% 10 C1
1 +20% 11 C1
2 +30% 12 C1
3 +40% 13 C1


  • Upon approaching a locked locker (with a red light) the mod automatically tries to make it unlockable. If successful, the locker will shimmer with a blue light, accompanied by a brief hissing sound, after which the locker's lights will turn from red to green, signifying that it can now be opened.
  • If an unsuccessful attempt at unlocking a locker happens, the locker's lights will be turned off, meaning you can't unlock it anymore.
  • The effects of this mod do not stack when multiple players in a party have it equipped. If a locker fails to unlock when Master Thief is applied to it, it will not unlock if other players with the mod equipped also try on the same locker.
    • It also seems it doesn't stack with Scavenge either, as lockers that don't unlock from the mod will be mostly ignored by Kubrows.


  • This mod can be very useful when trying to farm resources or Nav Coordinates since lockers have a chance of dropping them.
  • A good place to search for this mod is on Pluto (Narcissus and Outer Terminus), since the tier 3 defense mission rewards start on wave 5 on these maps (Master Thief is a tier 3 corpus reward with a 2% drop chance 1).
  • Can be acquired through Transmutation.
  • Can be acquired on Venera, Venus wave 15+
  • Can also be acquired on Olympus, Mars wave 15+
  • Lockers in the Orokin Void are affected by this mod. This can be helpful in finding rare Argon Crystals.


  • It seems multiplayer lag can make this ability skip over lockers, thus going back and waiting a second by it can get a successful unlock.
  • After getting knocked down you will sometimes be unable to open lockers at all, it seems crouching and then blocking fixes it occasionally, same as waiting a minute or getting knocked down again.
  • Blue light and unlock sound appear to not show up unless you are host.
  • If a Kubrow with Scavenge prepares to try to unlock the locker just as you unlock it, the locker may appear to re-lock, with the lights turning back to red again. The locker is still unlocked however.




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