The term "Maximization" refers to obtaining the highest possible value obtainable in the game which can only be reached by utilizing all possible mods and gear that improve that specific aspect of the ability or weapon. This is a form of "min-maxing".

It is usually impossible to develop a build which can simultaneously achieve maximized results on every aspect of an ability or weapon.

Achieving a maximized value requires multiple mods including those which may incur penalties into other aspects of the ability/weapon. For example, reaching the maximized Ability Strength on the ability Sonar makes it impossible to also obtain the maximized Ability Efficiency. These limitations must always be considered when reading about a maximized value on an ability or weapon.

Weapons which use the term "maximized" should always include a note listing required mods and drawbacks on the page that it occurs on since this page does not list weapon maximizations.

Be aware that the listed Maximized values are in addition to the base value of 100% for a given category.

A listed value of +199% would show in the Arsenal as 299% – while the values listed on the wiki are the relative increases, the values shown in-game in the Arsenal are the absolute totals – the two values will always be different, with the values shown in the Arsenal being exactly +100% higher than the ones listed on this page of the wiki.

Maximized Ability StrengthEdit

Energy Conversion Maximized Ability StrengthEdit

Standard Maximized Ability StrengthEdit

Absolute Maximum Ability Strength Edit

  • Currently, a maximum of +568% Ability Strength can be achieved for a single cast. This would require being in a Trial with a full squad equipped with Growing Power, having an Equinox with Peaceful Provocation, and wearing either an Arcane Pendragon Excalibur Helmet or Arcane Squall Frost Helmet or max-rank Nidus. For reference, this would give Exalted Blade a base damage of 1837 (counting Excalibur's passive) and would give Avalanche 12692 total damage.
  • With the addition of Nidus to the game, the maximum achievable Ability Strength in a single cast has increased to +1683.56%. To achieve this, all of the above conditions must be complete, and Nidus must use a fully procced Energy Conversion Parasitic Link on an ally. Because Nidus has an innate +15% to Ability Strength, he is naturally comparable to Excalibur and Frost. For reference, this would give Exalted Blade a base damage of 4905 (again counting Excalibur's passive) and would give Avalanche 33888 total damage.

Requires the following mods/gear:

Weakened by the following:

Maximized Ability DurationEdit

Requires the following mods/gear:

Weakened by the following:

Maximized Ability RangeEdit

Requires the following mods/gear:

Weakened by:

Maximized Ability EfficiencyEdit

Note: The Arsenal will only display a maximum of 175% Ability Efficiency, because ability energy usage cannot be reduced below 25% of the base cost. However, you may obtain up to 190% Ability Efficiency using a maxed Streamline and a maxed Fleeting Expertise, going even higher with Arcane Warframe helmets. 190% efficiency can help with drain-based abilities (a.k.a. Channeled Abilities) that have costs affected by Ability Duration, ONLY when your Ability Duration drops below 100% due to mods like Transient Fortitude.

Requires any combination of these mods/gear to reach 75%:

Note: You may use a lower-ranked Fleeting Expertise in order to reach the cap while minimizing the penalty to Ability Duration. Conversely, Loki and Nyx may equip their helmets and a max-ranked Fleeting Expertise in order to reach that cap and free up a mod slot at the cost of -60% Ability Duration.

Weakened By:

Multipliers At-A-GlanceEdit

Below are easy-to-understand multipliers for maximization to assist players in developing their own builds. Note that these stats take advantage of Arcane versions of alternative helmets, use the "other" calculation when not taking in account these helmets.

  • Ability Duration
    • Duration: 3.31x Trinity, 3.16x Volt, 3.06x Other
    • Range: 0.34x
    • Trinity: -5% Health
    • Volt: -5% Shields
  • Ability Efficiency
    • Cost: 0.25x
    • Duration: 0.4x to [0.7x Loki/Nyx, 0.6x Banshee, 0.5x Other]
    • Banshee: Possible -5% Aim Glide and Wall Latch duration
    • Loki/Nyx: Possible -5% Armor
  • Ability Range
    • Range: 3.05x Mag, 2.95x Loki, 2.80x Other
    • Strength: 0.4x
    • Loki: -5% Health
    • Mag: -5% Shields
  • Ability Strength
    • Strength: 3.38x Excalibur/Frost/Nidus, 3.33x Volt, 3.23x Other
      • With Peaceful Provocation: 4.18x Excalibur/Frost/Nidus, 4.13x Volt, 4.03x Other
    • Cost: 1.55x
    • Duration: 0.725x
    • Excalibur: -5% Armor
    • Frost: -5% Shields
    • Volt: -5% Aim Glide and Wall Latch duration

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