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System Sol
Ruling Empire Grineer
Boss Captain Vor
Level Range 1 - 5
Missions 7
Resources Ferrite 32px Ferrite
Polymer Bundle 32px Polymer Bundle
Morphics Morphics
DetoniteAmpule Detonite Ampule
Connections Venus
The only remaining Orokin Towers are hidden here. The Grineer patrol this area to prevent Tenno incursion.

–In-game Description

Mercury is the first planet accessible to players, beginning with the mission Terminus.

The Grineer are the controlling faction on this planet.

The vital target of the planet is Captain Vor, who is located in the mission Tolstoj and has a chance to drop blueprints for the Cronus longsword and his personal sidearm, the Seer. He also has a higher than average chance to drop Morphics.

Expected Enemies

Infested can appear during Invasion missions. These lists do not apply to Survival missions.




Target Name Type Level Tile Set
GrineerMissionIcon Terminus Exterminate 1 - 1 Grineer Galleon
GrineerMissionIcon M Prime Sabotage 1 - 1 Grineer Asteroid
GrineerMissionIcon Caloris Capture 1 - 2 Grineer Galleon
GrineerMissionIcon Elion Mobile Defense 1 - 3 Grineer Asteroid
GrineerMissionIcon Lares Defense 1 - 5 Grineer Asteroid
GrineerMissionIcon Apollodorus Survival 1 - 5 Grineer Galleon
Este es el Capitan Vor jeje Tolstoj Assassination
(Captain Vor)
1 - 3 Grineer Asteroid


  • Apollodorus (Survival) is one of the best places to farm Ferrite, yielding approximately 1,000 of them every five minutes.


  • Mercury's missions are named after craters on the planet Mercury as well as minor deities associated with the Roman god Mercury.
  • Mercury does not currently have Nightmare Mode missions. They were removed in Update 9.5.
  • Despite being the only planet to still have the Orokin Towers, they are never accessible after the tutorial mission.
  • As of Update 11, Mercury is now a planet purely dominated by the Grineer.
  • It seems Mercury is the only planet in the Origin system that has never been in faction conflicts ever since the faction wars has been implement. Venus, on the other hand, is only raided by the Infested, and never the Grineer.
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