Misery is one of Shadow Stalker's acolytes. He takes the form of Nekros with an Immortal Skin, wearing Stalker's helmet and Oberon's loincloth, as well as modified Warframe Cosmetics including a Kyroptera Syandana and Daedalus Chest Plate codpiece.

In battle, Misery wields an Ether Reaper. Misery will enter the battle alongside a retinue of enemies known as Void Shades. After losing 33% of his health Misery will get knocked over, after which he will begin summoning more Void Shades as reinforcements. Upon losing 66% of his health Misery will summon yet more reinforcements, this final group made up of Shadows of Angst and Violence.

Misery has only appeared in Operation: Shadow Debt and has yet to make a reappearance alongside his fellow acolytes.


  • "Enough! You will regret your past crimes..."
  • "We serve the Shadow, the Stalker, the truth."
  • "The Shadow is pure, undreaming, untainted."
  • "We asked... what is thy will, Shadow? Punishment was his call."
  • "These children will not stop us from punishing you. The Shadow commands it."
  • "Those who oppose will be consumed. Emotion drives us. Blood divides us."
  • "The Shadow commands us. Betrayers will die. Orokin blood will dry."


  • All Tenno are awarded a random mod from Operation: Shadow Debt after completing a wave in which Misery is fought. Misery himself will drop a mod upon death as well, allowing Tenno to collect two mods; Misery's drop table is identical to the mission's reward table. Players are given 5 seconds to collect the dropped mod before the mission ends.
  • While playing the endurance mission, Misery can be both Desecrated and raised by Shadows of the Dead.