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Weapon Slot Primary
Weapon Type Blade Launcher
Trigger Type Charge
Projectile Speed 40.0
Firing Rate 0.526 rounds/sec
Accuracy 100.0
Magazine Size 20 rounds/mag
Max Ammo 72 rounds
Reload Time 2.0s
Normal Attacks
Impact wImpact 6.25
Puncture wPuncture 6.25
Slash wSlash 112.5
Charge Attacks
Impact wImpact 12.5
Puncture wPuncture 12.5
Slash wSlash 225.0
Charge Time 2.0 sec/charge
Introduced Update 9.5
The Miter launches high velocity saw blades, tearing apart anyone unfortunate enough to be in their path.

The Miter is a saw blade launcher used by Grineer Eviscerators. The disc must be charged in order to deal maximum damage. However, weaker uncharged shots can be fired in rapid succession as well.

This weapon can be sold for Credits64 7,500.

Requisite for: Panthera

Manufacturing Requirements
Time: 12 hr
Rush: Platinum64 50
Market Price: Platinum64 225 Blueprint Price: N/A
Drop Locations

Blueprint Phobos, Iliad
Barrel Phobos, Iliad
Blade Phobos, Iliad
Chassis Phobos, Iliad
Handle Phobos, Iliad

Blueprint Phobos, Iliad
Barrel Phobos, Iliad
Blade Phobos, Iliad
Chassis Phobos, Iliad
Handle Phobos, Iliad

Need More Info
Currently Unavailable

Tower refers to the Orokin Void

All parts drop only on Phobos from the dual boss team Lech Kril and Captain Vor.


This weapon deals primarily Slash b Slash damage.


  • High damage.
  • Charged projectiles penetrate multiple enemies, hitting many in a line.
  • When used on a target affected by Bullet Attractor, the blade will strike multiple times.
  • Fast reload speed.
  • No recoil and perfect accuracy.
  • Shots ricochet off surfaces, allowing them to hit multiple targets or hit the same target.
  • Highest charged status chance of all primary weapons.
    • Charge attacks can easily reach 100% status with modding, making the Miter deal deadly slash procs.


  • Does not deal critical hits.
  • Requires a full charge to deal maximum damage.
  • Ammo management can be troublesome if fired mostly uncharged.
  • Uses sniper ammunition, which is the rarest of the ammo drops.
  • Projectiles have slow flight time.
  • Slow charge time.

Weapon LoadoutsEdit

Main article: Category:Miter Build

See the user build section for builds using this weapon.


  • The Miter is one of three weapons unique for having a critical chance of 0%, making it incapable of dealing critical damage. As such, critical chance (ex. Point Strike) and critical damage (ex. Vital Sense) mods have no effect on this weapon. The other such weapons with no critical chance are the Seer and Panthera.
  • Any punch through added from mods affects uncharged and partially charged shots.
  • Normal attacks cannot be modded to have 100% status, although charge attacks can reach this easily.


  • A fully charged round gains incredibly high Punch Through, making it effective against large groups, particularly Infested due to the high slashing damage.
    • This also makes it possible to hit a single enemy twice with one shot: shooting a charged round directly at an enemy in front of a wall will make the rebounded blade hit the enemy a second time.
  • Mods that affect fire rate also affect the charging time.
  • The Rifle Ammo Mutation mod (or the Sniper Ammo Mutation mod when the bug is fixed) is highly recommended as ammo can drain fast with normal attacks.


  • Although the Miter uses Sniper Ammo, a bug currently disallows the use of the Sniper Ammo Mutation mod and instead uses the Rifle Ammo Mutation mod, which strangely still functions properly.
  • Fully charged shots fired from the Miter do not have projectile width. Instead they behave like a bullet-sized projectile that bounces off the floor of the map. This means that often the player will see the saw blade visibly touch enemies, but not actually apply damage because the center of the blade didn't hit them. You'll be lucky to hit more than 2 or 3 infested with a single charged shot, even when they're packed together tightly.
  • Non-charged shots fired horizontally will hit the weapon's own barrel and fizzle.
  • When fired from a clone via Hall Of Mirrors, the projectile will be the users color pallet, however the destroyed sawblade will be the default pallet upon contact with a second bounce.


  • The Miter has a non-static model; its discs rotate inside the weapon during charging, although the effect is barely visible to the user due to the position of the gun.
  • Miter saw is a type of power saw with a circular sawblade.
  • Written on the disc is the word Grineer CGrineer UGrineer TGrineer FGrineer AGrineer CGrineer E which translates to "Cutface" in Grineer.
  • The Miter is often carried by Grineer Targets in a Capture mission.
  • A blade that has been shot can be found on the ground shortly after its third impact. After a few seconds it will disappear.
  • When held using Hall Of Mirrors, the sawblade will not be hidden if the User looks through one of their clones.


  • A (now patched) bug where the Miter Blueprint is incorrectly labelled as the Seer Blueprint.
  • A closeup of the disc, showing the word "Cutface" in Grineer.

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