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Mobile Defense Missions require players to carry a datamass, similar to Deception, to 2 - 7 computer terminals and upload it to them. Once uploaded at each terminal, players will have to defend the terminal until hacking is completed. Unlike normal Defense missions, these require players to defend for a set period of time instead of a set amount of waves. Mobile Defense missions also take place within the normal map sets, though some tilesets will have special tiles exclusive to Mobile Defense.


  • Mobile Defense missions taking place within the Grineer Asteroid tileset will always feature an additional objective after two terminals have been defended, where players will be tasked with guarding a Warframe Cryopod from attack after retrieving it from a tram.
  • On Infested Ships, one of the terminal rooms is flooded with white gas that continually deals Corrosive b Corrosive damage with a chance to proc against all players in the room. Two subterminals in the same room can be used to vent the gas, temporarily removing it for a few seconds.
  • The Grineer Shipyards Mobile Defense tile features three objectives, with two of them out in pods accessible only by bridges, making them easy to defend. The third objective can only be accessed once the first two have been completed, taking place inside a reactor room whose narrow confines encourage close combat.

Mobile Defense Missions

Mobile defense computer
Planet Mission Name Faction Level Terminal
Mercury Boethius Grineer 3 - 5 2
Mercury Elion Grineer 1 - 3 2
Jupiter Carme Corpus 13 - 15 2
Mars Hellas Grineer 6 - 8 2
Sedna Graeae Grineer 20 - 22 3
Sedna Kappa Grineer 16 - 18 3
Sedna Vodyanoi Grineer 16 - 18 2
Europa Baal Corpus 21 - 23 2 / 3
Phobos Hall Grineer 16 - 18 2
Phobos Sharpless Grineer 18 - 20 2
Eris Ascar Infestation 26 - 28 2
Eris Giardia Infestation 26 - 28 2
Eris Oestrus Infestation 30 - 32 2
Eris Solium Infestation 32 - 34 2
Neptune Larissa Corpus 26 - 28 2 / 3
Ceres Kiste Grineer 33 - 35 3
Pluto Minthe Corpus 31 - 33 2 / 3
There are a total of 17 Mobile Defense missions.


  • Mobile Defense (Corpus) as seen in the lobby (U9)
  • Mobile Defense (Grineer) as seen in the lobby (U9)
  • Mobile Defense (Infested) as seen in the lobby (U9)

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