local p = {}
local icons = require( "Module:Icon" )
function p.buildtable()
    local t = mw.html.create('table'):attr('class','foundrytable')
        :tag('th'):wikitext('[[Foundry|Manufacturing]] Requirements'):attr('colspan','6'):done()
        return tostring(t)
return p
--auto detect if it's prime, add drop locations by default
|blueprintmission      = 
|build1mission         = 
|build2mission         =
|build3mission         =
|build4mission         =
|blueprintmissionps4   = 
|build1missionps4      = 
|build2missionps4      =
|build3missionps4      =
|build4missionps4      =
|blueprintmissionxb1   = 
|build1missionxb1      = 
|build2missionxb1      =
|build3missionxb1      =
|build4missionxb1      =

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