These samples could advance our knowledge of biological research.

—In-Game Description

Mutagen samples can be obtained from enemies and containers in the Orokin Derelict and from Eris, and are used in biological research.

Blueprints Requiring Mutagen Sample

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Blueprints Type Quantity (Research)
Acrid Secondary (10)
Caustacyst Melee (30)
Cerata Melee (25)
Dark Split-Sword Melee (20)
Djinn Sentinel (60)
Dual Ichor Melee (25)
Dual Toxocyst Secondary (20)
Embolist Secondary (30)
Hema Primary (5000)
Mios Melee (30)
MutagenMass64 Mutagen Mass Resource 10 (5)
Mutalist Quanta Primary (30)
Nidus Neuroptics Component 10
Paracyst Primary (30)
Phage Primary (10)
Pox Secondary (20)
Scoliac Melee (25)
Synapse Primary (65)
Torid Primary (10)
Total 10 (+5,445)
Research LeaderBadgeGhostHolo x1   LeaderBadgeShadowHolo x3   LeaderBadgeStormHolo x10   LeaderBadgeMountainHolo x30   LeaderBadgeMoonHolo x100


  • Since Mutagen Samples are considered a rare drop on Eris while being uncommon in the Derelict, it is advised to visit the latter when attempting to farm the resource specifically.


Patch History

Update: Specters of the Rail
  • Market Overhaul:
    • Mutagen Sample replaced with Mutagen Mass - 1 for 10 Platinum.

Update 14.1

  • With the return of Infested comes the return of Mutagen as a Rare drop to Eris!

Hotfix 10.3.1

    • Fix for Mutagen Drops in Derelicts.

Hotfix 10.0.3

  • Fix for resources not dropping from The Void or Derelict Regions (this includes Mutagen).

Update 8.0

  • Introduced.

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