Napalms are yellow/red jacket-armored Grineer using incendiary grenade launchers that shoot slow, solid flames, which leave temporary fire hazards when they explode. These hazards act like Ember's Fireball ability making them very dangerous in confined spaces. Their flame attacks also have a massive Heat b Heat AoE explosion, allowing them to hit even the most agile players.

Grineer Napalms fire very slowly, even though they fire prematurely on initial detection of a target. In close-quarters combat, it is best to stay away, attack from a distance and keep moving.

As with most heavy Grineer units, Grineer Napalms are also durable against Stealth Attacks, as they have massive health and armor.

Their Heat damage has no special modifiers to Warframe health, armor or shields, which positions them at the armored health damaging end of the Grineer damage spectrum, along with the Scorch and Bombard.


All tactics below make the Napalm exceedingly effective at close and medium ranges. Despite the Napalm's damage output, he is still vulnerable.

  • Grineer Napalms have larger AoE explosives than those of the Grineer Bombard: about 15 meters.
  • The fire hazards produced from their exploded projectiles remain roughly 9 seconds before disappearing.
    • Occasionally, when directly hit by the Napalm's projectile, the flame hazard actually sticks on the player, dealing lethal and continuous damage. This happens more frequently in a cell of more than 1 player.
  • Like other Grineer heavy units, the Napalm performs Seismic Shockwaves whenever enemies get too close. Afterwards, they shoot repeatedly at knocked-down targets.
    • Seismic Shockwaves have a cooldown of around 17 seconds. During this delay, he will tackle enemies who get too close.
    • They posses larger Seismic Shockwaves than regular Heavies.
  • Their explosions can destroy Sentinels with ease. This includes their DoT flames.
  • Napalms shoot at the feet of their enemies in order to utilize AoE damage.
    • This makes them much more effective against knocked-downed targets compared to most AI's who often miss knocked-down targets.
    • This also makes them bad against airborne targets.
    • These projectiles are quite slow allowing players to move out of the way before they hit.
  • Due to slow projectiles Napalms must predict the movement of the players, thus they shoot where the players will be. Use this opportunity to make Napalms miss by moving sideways and stopping in between shots.
  • The Lotus will alarm the players about this unit and Bombards when they spawn. The Lotus will not re-detect these units when they near the players, making them difficult to spot again when scouting on Survival missions.
  • As of Update 11.0, the Napalm has a very large armor value instead of powerful shields. This makes them weak to Puncture b Puncture damage and very vulnerable to Radiation b Radiation damage.
  • Mag's Magnetize will prevent the Napalm's rockets from attacking allies and creating fire hazards as the rocket will explode after firing without creating a fire hazard.


  • The Napalm will not spawn on Earth or Mercury. Planet nodes like Saturn Survival spawn large numbers of them roughly after ten minutes, making these good farming locations.
  • Base damage of projectile impact is around 125.
  • Napalms have double the health of a Bombard or Heavy Gunner.
  • Flame Repellent can be used to resist considerable amounts of damage delivered by the Napalm.
  • Often when first spotting a player Napalms will quickly reload instead of firing right away.
    • Napalms may also fire an extremely fast and inaccurate "panic shot" projectile immediately after spotting the player.
  • Despite having a weapon depicted as a grenade launcher, its projectiles "fly" straight to its directed location, without being affected by gravity no matter what distance.
  • They can be found frequently on Invasions.

Tips Edit

  • Weapons that can deliver a knockdown, such as the Obex, can leave the target vulnerable to any attack, including finishers.


Kuva Napalm General Miscellaneous
Tileset Kuva Fortress Codex Scans 3
Weapon Tonkor / Sheev Other Drops None
Statistics Mod Drops Enhanced Vitality (0.76%)
Insulation (0.76%)
Point Strike (0.76%)
Ammo Stock (0.17%)
Gunslinger (0.17%)
Rending Crane (0.17%)
50 Endo (0.17%)
Rage (0.06%)
Cloned Flesh 600
Slash b+ Heat b+ Viral b+++ Impact b Gas b‐‐
Alloy Armor 500
Puncture b+Cold b+Radiation b+++Slash b‐‐Electricity b‐‐Magnetic b‐‐
Base Exp 500

Tusk Napalm General Miscellaneous
Tileset Plains of Eidolon Codex Scans 3
Weapon Pyrotechnic Ogris / Sheev Other Drops None
Statistics Mod Drops Enhanced Vitality (0.76%)
Insulation (0.76%)
Point Strike (0.76%)
Ammo Stock (0.17%)
Gunslinger (0.17%)
Rending Crane (0.17%)
50 Endo (0.17%)
Rage (0.06%)
Cloned Flesh 450
Slash b+ Heat b+ Viral b+++ Impact b Gas b‐‐
Alloy Armor 500
Puncture b+Cold b+Radiation b+++Slash b‐‐Electricity b‐‐Magnetic b‐‐
Base Exp 500


  • Before Update 10.3, like with all Grineer Heavy units, Napalms used to damage themselves by slamming the ground when they were knocked down.
  • On Halloween, Napalms and Bombards had their heads replaced by angry pumpkins, with a glowing white light coming from the inside.
  • Prior to Update 11.0, the Napalm used to have Red coated armor. Currently, they possess a black/red jacket camouflage (though shown in Codex as yellow/red for some reason), sporting a more pyrotechnic outlook.


  • Like the Grineer Commander, when killed, their helmets occasionally turn from red to light green, similar to those of Grineer Lancer.


  • Napalms as of U11
  • U11 Napalm From The Codex
  • Napalm Before Update 11
  • Halloween 2013 Napalm
  • ChristmasMas Grineer Napalm.

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