Natural Talent improves casting speed of most Warframe abilities.


Rank Effect  Cost
0 +12.5% 6
1 +25% 7
2 +37.5% 8
3 +50% 9


  • This mod affects the casting animations of most abilities, including Focus powers.
  • The calculation for casting time is (Base Time) ÷ (1.00 + Speed Bonus). At maximum rank, expect a ~33% reduction in casting time.
  • This mod stacks with Speed Drift and Ember's Accelerant (and the Flash Accelerant augment, should Ember have it).



  • Natural Talent was first leaked on Update 10.0 and used to have a maximum effect of +100% casting speed. It was retrieved shortly afterward and re-released in Update 12.0, albeit with its effects reduced.


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