VorNervos VaubanZap Nervos Mine
Continuously shocks targets within range.
Strength:Low (Continuous)
Duration:8 Seconds
Range:8 Meters
Users:Captain Vor
Corrupted Vor

  • Captain Vor will deploy Nervos Mine at target which continuously shocks target within 8 meters for a duration of 8 seconds. Works in a similar manner to Vauban's Tesla but fires continuous beams of electricity instead.
    • Rarely, it is possible for a Nervos Mine to latch onto players, such as in the case of a direct impact during deployment, resulting in heavy sustained damage until the mine expires.
    • It's also possible for a Nervos Mine to attach onto a teammate in Bleedout, making reviving the teammate almost impossible without a defensive ability, such as Iron Skin or Turbulence.
  • Originally, Nervos were small devices deployed by Seekers that latch onto players and stun them, dealing strong damage to shields.

Tips & Tricks
  • Shocks cannot penetrate Frost's Snow Globe or Volt's Electric Shield.
  • Mine is fixed to its deployed location and is unable to move. As long as players are able to avoid their reach, the mine will be rendered useless.

See alsoEdit

  • Captain Vor, user of the Nervos Mine.
  • Nervos, the early version of Nervos Mine which was removed.
  • Tesla, Vauban's ability which shares similarities to the Nervos Mine.