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Type Rare
Locations Earth
Implanted neural-link for controlling augmentations. Grineer design.

–In-Game Description

Neurodes are a rare component that can be found on Earth and Eris.

Blueprints Requiring Neurodes

Click to view the Blueprints requiring Neurodes.
Blueprint Type Quantity
Forma Enhancement 1
Orokin Reactor Enhancement 1
Bolt Release Item 1
Amphis Melee 2
Dark Dagger Melee 2
Dark Sword Melee 2
Ballistica Pistol 3
Bolto Pistol 2
Brakk Pistol 5
Bronco Pistol 1
Furis Pistol 4
Kraken Pistol 2
Twin Gremlins Pistol 5
Vasto Pistol 4
Boltor Rifle 2
Grakata Rifle 2
Hind Rifle 6
Vectis Rifle 4
Hek Shotgun 5
Sobek Shotgun 5
Scorpion Ash Helmet Helmet 2
Locust Ash Helmet Helmet 2
Reverb Banshee Helmet Helmet 2
Chorus Banshee Helmet Helmet 2
Phoenix Ember Helmet Helmet 2
Backdraft Ember Helmet Helmet 2
Avalon Excalibur Helmet Helmet 2
Pendragon Excalibur Helmet Helmet 2
Aurora Frost Helmet Helmet 2
Squall Frost Helmet Helmet 2
Essence Loki Helmet Helmet 2
Swindle Loki Helmet Helmet 2
Coil Mag Helmet Helmet 2
Gauss Mag Helmet Helmet 2
Flux Nova Helmet Helmet 2
Menticide Nyx Helmet Helmet 2
Vespa Nyx Helmet Helmet 2
Thrak Rhino Helmet Helmet 2
Vanguard Rhino Helmet Helmet 2
Hemlock Saryn Helmet Helmet 2
Chlora Saryn Helmet Helmet 2
Aura Trinity Helmet Helmet 2
Meridian Trinity Helmet Helmet 2
Esprit Vauban Helmet Helmet 2
Gambit Vauban Helmet Helmet 2
Storm Volt Helmet Helmet 2
Pulse Volt Helmet Helmet 2


By purchasing this item you can directly exchange Platinumicon 10 for 1 Neurodes.

–In-Game Description

Beginning in Update 9 materials could be purchased directly from the market for Platinumicon Platinum.

Gathering Tips

To further increase your chances, you can install Master Thief (rare) and Thief's Wit mods to your fastest warframe, unless you farm on defense missions.

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