Neutralizing Justice gives each Miter blade a chance to instantly destroy a Nullifier's bubble. It also adds a Justice effect.


Rank Chance Justice Cost
0 22.5% +0.25 4
1 45% +0.5 5
2 67.5% +0.75 6
3 90% +1 7



  • Miter blades from both normal and charged attacks have a chance to instantly pop a Nullifier bubble.
  • The augment actually destroys the floating shield generator that powers the Nullifier bubble no matter where you hit it, meaning the bubble is permanently disabled on the target enemy.
  • Multiple blades resulting from Multishot will continue their flight paths as they collide with a Nullifier bubble, provided that one blade procs its chance to destroy the bubble, allowing the other blade to fly through. Otherwise, both blades will bounce off the bubble.
  • Appears to also work on the ice shields of Arctic Eximi (further testing required).
  • It does not work on the green nullifier grenades launched by the Isolator Bursa.

Media Edit

WARFRAME - Testing Out Neutralizing Justice (New Miter Augment)

WARFRAME - Testing Out Neutralizing Justice (New Miter Augment)

Patch HistoryEdit

Update 21.0
  • Re-introduced as a regular Syndicate reward.

Update 20.4

  • Introduced as reward in Operation: Ambulas Reborn.

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