The Nox is a type of Grineer "Chem Strike" unit. They wield a poison-filled heavy gun that shoots blobs of toxic goo which attach themselves to targets before exploding. Bloated and disfigured by the very chemicals they wield in combat, these vicious warriors wear crude, heavily armored suits that both protect them and serve to contain the noxious clouds they emit. Breaking the glass cover protecting their heads both releases this poisonous aura and exposes them to headshots. Beware of their final moments however, as they explode into a lethal cloud upon death.


  • The Nox wields what is basically a primary version of the Stug. As such, its projectiles have a low range and arc, which causes the Nox to have difficulty targeting his enemies from range.
  • To counter its ineffectiveness at range, the Nox can charge forward, causing all in his path to be knocked down as well as allowing him to close the distance for his gun to be more effective. They only do this as a last resort, however, once their glass helmets are destroyed.
  • Combined with the ability to emit a constant aura of Toxin b Toxin damage when the helmet is broken, the charge allows the Nox to knock down Tenno, then deal damage directly to their health.


  • The Nox's projectiles stick to the player and inflict a slowing effect, similar to a Cold b Cold status effect, though less severe. The goo can be shaken off by rolling.
  • The Nox is immune to all damage over time (DoT) status effects except for heat.
  • The Nox has a damage cap on his entire body, minus his head, which reduces incoming damage by a very large amount. Even when all of his armor is removed, your damage will only be marginally improved (for example the Dread that was doing 79 damage with full armor, does 240 damage with no armor).
    • Despite his head being exposed when his glass helmet is broken, his armor rating will still apply, making headshots the only reliable way to take this enemy down and the only significant use for corrosive procs.
    • Damage cap includes finisher damage type, thus making Noxes resistant to otherwise deadly stealth takedowns.
  • The Nox would not become alerted when damaged, including stealth melee-attacks and silent ranged weapons.
  • As Sentinels are not immune to damage while in Undertow, killing a Nox can prove fatal for them as the toxin will continue to proc and eat away at their health and due to a bug they cannot heal with Curative Undertow. It goes without saying, but it's also dangerous for the Hydroid who can emerge from the pool and be procced with the toxin as well.


  • Breaking his glass helmet will allow headshots and normal damage, but allows the Nox to emit a constant aura of Toxic damage, similar to a Toxic Ancient but at all times rather than at certain periods.


  • The name is a shortened version of Noxious, meaning poisonous or very unpleasant.
  • The Grineer letters on its shoulders say "Noks" and the letters on its gun say "goo"


  • All enemies in Update 21.0 appear to have strange AI issues, where they will detect and point at foes through walls. This causes the Nox to fire and charge at enemies at the other side of walls or doors, often causing him to simply bump into them.
    • Noxes know location of invisible players and will fire at them when fully alerted.
  • A Mind Controlled Nox will still hurt players with his toxic cloud when his helmet is broken.
  • A Nox will only become alerted if he sees or hears the player, other enemies, sees dead bodies, or alarms have been triggered. You can continue to deal damage with a silenced weapon through stealth and kill the Nox to gain a stealth bonus because of this.

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