Hotfix 21.7.1
  • Fixed casting Nyx’s Absorb when hitting an enemy with a "grappling hook weapon" allowing you to move around.

Update 21.7

  • Nyx Nemesis Skin has received the PBR treatment!
  • Fixed the Edo Chest Piece sticking out on the Nyx Carnifex Skin.
  • Fixed the Pakal right shoulder Armor clipping into Nyx’s arm.
  • Fixed the Embolist chest piece clipping into the Nyx Immortal, Saikou, Athena, and Carnifex Skins.

Hotfix 21.3.1

  • Fixed Nyx being able to sometimes cast Chaos on Mobile Defense terminals, causing it to spin around.

Hotfix 21.1.1

  • Fixed enemies affected by Nyx’s Chaos, as well as Radiation procs, not taking increased damage from faction damage Mods.

Hotfix 21.0.9

  • Fixed Nyx’s Mind Control FX lingering on Ramparts.

Hotfix 21.0.8

  • The Stalker can no longer apply Nyx's passive to disarm enemies hit with Absorb due to being so powerful it crashed your game. Stalker pls.

Hotfix 21.0.7

  • Fixed a script error when casting Nyx’s Psychic Bolts.

Update 21.0

  • Fixed ghostly Rampart remaining on an enemy if they exit the Rampart while under Nyx’s Mind Control.

Hotfix 20.4.5

  • Fixed an issue with Scavenger Ospreys manipulated by Nyx consuming loot (they ignore it now when ‘under the influence’).

Update 20.4

  • Augment: Fixed becoming invincible after casting Nyx’s Absorb with Assimilate equipped and then Transferring to the Operator.

Hotfix 20.2.3

  • Augment: Nyx's Assimilate no longer Absorbs Friendly Fire.
  • Fixed HUD buffs trying to show 1,000,000 as 1e+03K instead of 1M (e.g. Nyx Absorb when full).

Hotfix 20.0.7

  • Fixed the Mucusk Syandana not sitting properly on Nyx and any of her Skins.

Update 20.0

  • Conclave: Nyx's Psychic Daggers now only seek target under reticule. If no target is found, they will fire off in a random direction in Conclave.
  • Fixed Nyx’s Mind Control not properly affecting Shield Drones, and resulted in the Drones wandering off on their own.

Update 19.13

  • Augment: Fixed Nyx’s Assimilate not allowing teammates to charge you up by fire absorption.

Hotfix 19.11.5

  • Improved visibility during Nyx's Absorb ability.

Hotfix 19.11.4

  • Conclave: Fixed Nyx's Mind Control being cast without a target in Conclave refunding energy.

Hotfix 19.11.2

  • Augment: Fixed screen blur & color correction remaining when you use Transference while in Nyx’s Absorb with Assimilate equipped.
  • Fixed pixelated/jagged textures on the Nyx Saikou Skin and Helmet.

Hotfix 19.10.1

  • Energy will now be refunded when the target dies between cast and effect on Nyx's Mind Control ability.
  • Fixed script error with Nyx’s Absorb ability FX.

Hotfix: The Index Preview 4

  • Prime: Fixed a script error related to Nyx Prime’s Chaos ability.

Hotfix: The Index Preview 3

  • Fixed Nyx’ Chaos causing a script error upon cast.

Update: The Index Preview

  • Conclave: Increased visibility of Nyx's psychic daggers in Conclave.
  • Fixed large frame-time spikes caused by Nyx’ Chaos.

Hotfix: The Vacuum Within 3

  • Moved Nyx’ Absorb damage counter up to the buff notification area (like Equinox' Maim damage counter).

Hotfix: The Silver Grove 2

  • Augment: Fixed being able to roll with Nyx’s Assimilate active by binding a dedicated roll key (not sprint/roll).
  • Fixed getting stuck in Nyx’s Absorb bubble while the ability is deactivated.

Hotfix: The Silver Grove 1.4

  • Adjusted the Porta Armor positions on Nyx’s Nemesis skin.

Hotfix: The Silver Grove 2

  • Augment:
    • Fixed being able to jump/crouch/slide with Nyx’s Assimilate active by switching to your melee weapon.
    • Fixed getting stuck on ziplines with Nyx’s Assimilate. You can now cast/decast the augment while ziplining!
  • Prime: Adjusted the position and scale of the Edo Chest Plate on Nyx Prime to match Nyx (was too big on Nyx Prime).

Update: The Silver Grove

  • Augment: Absorb - Assimilate: Nyx can move at 50% speed while using Absorb, but the area is reduced by half.
  • Fixed Nyx’s Absorb camera FX remaining after a host migration.

Hotfix: Specters of the Rail 11

  • Fixed all pole arms and some staff weapons clipping through Nyx and Nyx Prime's chest when equipped.

Update: Specters of the Rail

  • Conclave:
    • Nyx's Absorb ability can now only be activated at 100 energy in Conclave.
    • Nyx’s Mind Control duration reduced in Conclave.
    • Increased minimum explosive damage of Nyx’s Absorb in Conclave.

Hotfix: Lunaro 5

  • Prime: Fixed incorrect Nyx Prime textures.

Update 18.13

  • Passive: Enemies affected by any of Nyx's powers have a chance to lay down their weapon ( become disarmed ).
  • Fixed dots on the back of Nyx’s Nemesis skin not reflecting energy color.

Hotfix 18.10.6

  • Prime: Restored more detail in Nyx Prime’s textures.

Hotfix 18.10.5

  • Prime: Restored more detail in Nyx Prime's textures.

Hotfix 18.10.4

  • Prime: Restored detail in Nyx Prime's textures.

Update 18.10

  • Prime: We've added PBR Upgrades on Nyx Prime.

Update 18.9

  • Fixed Clients seeing the Host cast Nyx’s Absorb on the ground when she is actually in mid-air.
  • Fixed Clients seeing no hit effect when shooting into the Host’s Absorb bubble.
  • Fixed Client projectiles not registering in certain areas on larger Nyx Absorb bubbles.

Update 18.8

  • Conclave: Nyx can no longer alt fire while in Absorb in Conclave.

Update 18.5

  • Nyx’s Mind Control and Chaos now have diminishing returns against boss-type enemies.

Hotfix 18.4.7

  • Fixed enemies under the influence of Nyx's Mind Control taking less damage at the end then they would take outside of it.

Update 18.4

  • Fixed enemies affected by Nyx's Mind Control taking less damage at the end.

Update 18.3

  • Conclave: Nyx's Mind Control Ability no longer requires a target to activate in Conclave, encouraging greater accuracy and less button spam.

Hotfix 18.0.6

  • Fixed an inconsistent visual FX from the explosion created by Nyx's Absorb.

Update 18.0

  • Conclave: Increased the damage of Nyx's Psychic Bolts in PvP.

Hotfix 17.5.5

  • Fixed holograms created by Nyx’s Chaos becoming frozen.

Hotfix 17.5.3

Update 17.5

  • Conclave: Nyx will now drop the Cephalon when using Absorb.
  • Nyx’s Chaos no longer has a cooldown, and enemies affected by Chaos cannot be stunned by additional casts.
  • Nyx's Psychic Bolts now have a chance to Radiation Proc enemies.

Hotfix 17.4.2

  • Fixed players being unable to detonate grenade weapons while in Nyx’s Absorb.

Update 17.3

  • Fixed Nyx’s Absorb not shielding Sentinels from AoE damage occurring from within the Absorb bubble.

Update 17.2.4

  • Fixed an issue where Nyx can walk while in an Absorb button in certain Solo mission scenarios.

Hotfix 17.2.2

  • Fixed an issue preventing some abilities (such as Nyx’s Absorb) from being deactivated using the Power Menu.

Update 17.2

  • Fixed enemies under Nyx’s Mind Control or Chaos not properly attributing their kills to Nyx and Shared Experience to Nyx’s Squadmates.

Update 17.1

  • Conclave:
    • Increased the energy drain of Nyx’s Absorb in Pvp.
    • Nyx’s Mind Control no longer causes players to drop the Cephalon in Capture the Cephalon.
    • Increased the energy drain of Nyx’s Absorb in PvP.

Hotfix 17.0.4

  • Fixed some AI behavioral problems caused by using Nyx’s Mind Control.

Hotfix 17.0.3

  • Conclave:
    • Reduced the range of Nyx’s Mind control in PvP.
    • Reduced duration of Nyx’s Mind Control in PvP

Update 17.0

  • Conclave:
    • Nyx's Psychic Bolts speed has been increased and lifetime decreased in PvP.
    • Targets under Nyx’s mind control can no longer damage her in PvP.
    • Nyx’s mind control duration and range reduced in PvP.
    • Nyx's Absorb damage has been increased in PvP.
  • Prime:
    • Nyx Prime base shield increased from 100 to 125.
    • Nyx Prime base armor increased from 15 to 50.
  • All Alternate Helmets that had Stamina-related effects have been given new abilities: Arcane Menticide Helmet - This helmet is worn by Nyx, increases velocity of parkour maneuvers with a drain on Shields.

Update 16.7

  • Augment: Nyx’s Chaos Sphere FX has been made more visible.

Hotfix 16.6.1

  • Fixed Nyx’s Mind Control removing armor from enemies.

Update 16.6

  • Augment: Chaos - Chaos Sphere: For a % duration of Chaos, any enemy entering the effect radius will be affected by Chaos. This effect radius decreases over time.

Update 16.5

  • Conclave: Players under control of Nyx’s Mind Control or Chaos will no longer see the FX on their Warframe.
  • Updated some textures on the Nemesis Nyx skin.

Hotfix 16.4.4

  • Conclave: Added a stagger to Nyx’s Mind Control and Chaos ability in PvP.

Update 16.4

  • Conclave:
    • Augment: Absorb - Singularity: Creates a ring every 3 seconds that drags in enemies at 9 meters per second.
    • Nyx and Nyx Prime are now usable in PvP.

Update 16.3

  • Fixed an error that would occur when using Nyx’s Absorb.
  • Fixed Nyx’s Chaos sometimes ending early when a target under Chaos dies.

Update 15.10

  • Prime: Fixed incorrect armor locations on Nyx Prime.

Hotfix 15.7.2

  • Fixed Nyx’s Chaos causing Hives in Hive Infestation to become invincible one Chaos expires.
  • Fixed Nyx’s Mind Control causing Brood Mother Maggots to attack enemies after Mind Control ends.

Update 15.6

  • Augment: Mind Control - Mind Freak: Mind controlled target does 60%/120%/200%/300% increased damage.

Hotfix 15.5.8

  • Players can no longer gain energy from Trinity's Energy Vampire while in Nyx’s Absorb.

Hotfix 15.5.5

  • Nyx’s Mind Control is now a toggable ability.
  • Fixed Nyx’s Psychic Bolts affecting enemies that are immune to Tenno abilities.

Hotfix 15.3.1

  • Fixed Nyx’s Absorb not playing the end explosion animation.

Update 15.3

  • Capture targets are now immune to Nyx’s Mind Control.

Update 15.2

  • Enemies targeted by Nyx’s Mind Control no longer take friendly damage until the duration of the ability ends, at which point all accumulated damage to the target is applied at once.

Update 15.0

  • Augment: Psychic Bolts - Pacifying Bolts: Affected enemies will become disarmed in confusion for x seconds.
  • Fixed an issue with Buzlok Rifle shots not adding damage to an ally using Nyx's Absorb.

Hotfix 14.8.1

  • Added Nyx Prime to the Codex (in place of ol' goldless Nyx).

Update 14.8

  • Prime: Nyx Prime released.

Update 14.6

  • Fixed an issue with Nyx’s Absorb not properly costing 7/6/5/4 energy a second.

Hotfix 14.5.2

  • Fixed an issue with Nyx ability Mods not being properly granted after buying/crafting the frame.
  • Fixed an issue with Nyx's Absorb being useable during bleedout.

Update 14.5

  • Nyx’s Absorb has had it’s passive energy drain significantly reduced from 10 energy per second to 4 energy per second, and instead now has an energy drain based on incoming damage. This drain is 8 energy per 1000 damage. These drainage values are affected with the use of mods.

Hotfix 14.2.3

  • Fixed an issue with Nyx's Absorb ability blocking Codex scans.

Hotfix 14.1.4

  • Tweaked the sound effects on Nyx's Absorb.

Hotfix 14.0.6

  • Fixed an issue with the Illiac Chest piece clipping into the Nyx frame.

Hotfix 14.0.2

  • Fixed Nyx's toggle-able power being broken by pause menu.

Update 14.0

  • Fixed a case in Nyx's Mind Control that could cause power-in-use on clients.

Hotfix 13.9.2

  • Fixed Nyx being able to absorb inordinate amounts of damage by toggling Absorb extremely quickly.

Hotfix 13.9.1

  • Fixed an issue with Client's getting stuck in Nyx's Absorb pose while in pre-death.

Update 13.9

  • Fixed an issue with the alt fire on the Mutalist Quanta being duplicated by Nyx's Absorb ability.

Hotfix 13.8.5

  • Fixed lingering Absorb effects after Nyx has bled-out.
  • Fixed a script error with Nyx's Chaos that would cause a power-in-use bug.

Hotfix 13.8.4

  • Fixed an instance of Client's playing as Nyx being able to run around with Absorb active, if the power was activated right at the moment the player was knocked down.
  • Fixed an issue with Nyx's Absorb visual effects not disappearing for other players if Nyx dies while casting and then bleeds out.

Hotfix 13.7.2

  • Made Nyx's absorb resist magnetic damage so that you can't generate endless damage by chaining absorbs.

Hotfix 13.6.1

  • Fixes self-inflicted death wounds being caused by throwing Glaives through Volt or Nyx's energy shields/bubbles.

Update 13.6

  • Tweaked a number of armor offsets on the Nyx Warframe.

Update 13.5

  • Adjusted the positioning of Chest Armor on Nyx.

Update 13.3

  • Absorb: Players can now toggle Absorb on or off.
    • Toggling changes to Nyx will give players more freedom instead of being locked in place while the rest of your team runs around. It should also add a nice element of resource management to the Warframe, rather than being stuck in place at the cost of X energy.
  • Increased the visual effects limit for Nyx's Absorb ability to account for duration extending Mods.
  • Fixed an issue with players being able to move around while using Nyx's Absorb ability under certain circumstances.

Hotfix 13.0.2

  • Fixed clipping issues Nyx's Noble rifle idle animation.

Update 12.6

  • Added a HUD damage counter and countdown timer to Nyx's Absorb ability.
  • Fixed projectiles passing through Nyx's Absorb ability.

Update 12.4

  • Nyx's Chaos ability deco uses the correct helmet.

Update 12.0

  • Improved sounds for Nyx’s Psychic Bolts.

Update 11.3

  • Updated effects on Nyx’s Mind Control ability.

Hotfix 11.2.1

  • Fixed issues where damage inflicted by clients would not power up Nyx’s Absorb.

Update 11.2

  • Nyx has received a buff to her Armor stat: Buffed to 15 (from 10).
  • Fixed Nyx being vulnerable to Procs from Disruptor and others when Absorb is active.

Hotfix 11.1.2

  • Nyx’s Absorb will now go affect enemies behind walls or cover.
  • Fixed Nyx’s absorb not doing damage to Infested Crawlers and Chargers.

Hotfix 11.0.3

  • Fixed Nyx being immune to Shield Damage after using Absorb.

Hotfix 11.0.2

  • Injury Immunity fixes for Nyx when in Absorb.

Update 11.0

  • Fixed some issues related to Nyx’s Mind Control ability where brainwashed AI didn’t always attack enemies as intended.

Hotfix 10.7.1

  • Fixed Torid and Nyx’s Absorb causing a game hang.

Update 10.6

  • Fixed Nyx’s Mind Control and Chaos abilities making the targets not behave in a proper manner. Mind Control was not having enemies aggressively attack their own, and Chaos was making the player a target over enemies. The affected targets will now properly perceive their targets.
  • Fixed Sentinels hitting themselves when firing inside Nyx's Absorb bubble.

Update 10.3

  • Fixed issue where enemy Shield Osprey drones would shield friendly enemies controlled by Nyx or Nekros.

Update 10.0

  • Added idle FX to Nyx.

Update 9.8

  • Psychic Bolts: Projectiles now seek and fly faster, more in line with other Warframes.
  • Absorb: Ability now has higher base damage and should attract more attention.

Hotfix 9.6.1

  • Nyx's Chaos now only stuns bosses, not make them murder their subordinates.

Update 9.5

  • Prevent being able to revive enemy capture target while he is being affected by Nyx's mind control.
  • Fixed HUD breaking when reviving capture target affected with Nyx's mind control.

Update 9.4

  • Fix for HUD breaking when reviving capture target affected with Nyx’s “Mind Control”.

Update 9.0

  • Fixed ability effects for Nyx to be consistent on host/client both in terms of what is created and what colour it is.

Update 8.2

  • Fixed ammo not being consumed on some weapons when shooting Nyx’s absorb.

Hotfix 8.1.3

  • Fixed shields not replenishing if damaged while using Nyx's Absorb.

Update 8.1

  • Fix for Nyx absorb being interrupted by Nauseous crawlers.

Hotfix 8.0.7

  • Fix for Nyx Power in Use bug (maybe time for a Livestream rematch!).

Hotfix 8.0.5

  • Fixed Nyx Psychic Bolts not functioning correctly on clients.

Hotfix 8.0.3

  • Fixed Nyx Absorb not working, resulting in "Power in Use" bug.

Update 7.10

  • Nyx's Chaos power now has a timer.

Update 7.9

  • Fixed Apex particles that would remain on ragdolls after using Nyx's Mind Control power.
  • Fixed Nyx's armband FX showing up with projectors.

Update 7

  • Fixed an issue with Nyx Mind Control being flagged as "in use" if target dies.

Update 6.5

  • Excalibur Radial Javelin + Nyx Absorb no longer kills nearby Clients.
  • Log file should no longer receive error spam when using Nyx.

Hotfix 6.4.1

  • Removed unwanted background sound effect attached to Nyx.

Update 6.3

  • Nyx's mind control visual effect now lasts the same duration as the power itself.

Hotfix 6.1.2

  • Nyx Alt Helmet changes

Update 6.0

  • Nyx added to the game.