Edit The Ogris synergizes well with the following warframes and abilities:


  • Ash can use Smoke Screen to stun enemies and allow for relocating to get into a better position to use the Ogris.


  • Petrify can immobilize groups of enemies long enough for a rocket. Bear in mind that heavier targets will take longer to petrify.
  • Rumblers can draw attention towards them and potentially cause enemies to bunch up, making them vulnerable to a rocket shot.


  • While Sonar can amplify the burst damage output of the projectile, it can be unreliable. The damage done by the Ogris rocket's explosion will always be dealt to the torso, regardless of where the rocket hits. This means that the explosion will not receive the bonus unless Sonar places the weakspot on the enemy's torso.
    • This can be rectified with Resonance as it allows more weakspots to be generated, thus increasing the likelihood that one weakspot ends up on the torso.
  • Banshee's Sonic Boom can push away enemies if they are too close, allowing the user to follow up with a rocket.


  • Chroma can resist accidental damage dealt considerably with Vex Armor, allowing more flexibility in tighter areas.
  • Effigy will attract and stun enemies, making it easier to target them
  • Electricity b Electric or Cold b Cold-oriented Elemental Ward can stun or slow enemies, making shots easier to land with the Ogris, though a Cold b Cold-oriented Ward may be preferable due to the Armor bonus it generates while active.


  • She can use Fireball to occasionally set groups of enemies in a panic for keeping them in one place or Fire Blast to knock them out of range.
  • The brief stun from Accelerant can be useful for a quick rocket shot, particularly if the Ogris has Heat b Heat damage equipped.


  • In her Night Form, Equinox can use Rest to immobilize groups of enemies for a rocket shot.
  • The Ogris' damage can help build up great potential healing/damage for Mend & Maim, provided the enemies die within the aura of the ability.


  • Radial Blind can be used to disorient and create distance away from groups of enemies to allow for another rocket shot.
  • Provided it is aimed away from enemies, Slash Dash can be used for a quick getaway.


  • Stunning an enemy with Freeze and then firing a rocket directly at the weakpoint is an effective way to assassinate tougher enemies.
  • Slowing a line of enemies with Ice Wave can make it fairly easy to clear the wave, assuming that your positioning is good.
  • Snow Globe can allow Frost to shoot at enemies from variable heights and distances within the snow globe with little disruption or danger of return fire. Try using a smaller globe to avoid blocking your team's (and in some cases, your own) line of sight.
  • Enemies who survive Avalanche will be immobilized and have their armor reduced, making them vulnerable to a rocket shot.


  • Dessication can momentarily stun enemies, giving time to charge and fire a rocket. Scarab Swarm can also accomplish this, although one should make sure to fully reap the benefits of the health drain beforehand.
  • Inaros' many self healing abilities make him good for repairing self damage by a rocket misfire.


  • Some of the arrows from Quiver can be used to get the most out of the Ogris;
    • Dashwire Arrows can be used to reach vantage points or evade close combat in combination with Prowl, as the latter's cloaking is not disrupted while sprinting on a zipline.
    • Sleep Arrows can be used to cluster groups of enemies, which can be followed up with a rocket. The same can be done with Noise Arrows against unaware enemies, though keep in mind that the Ogris is not innately silent, so mod it accordingly.
  • Navigator is one of the most effective abilities to use with the Ogris, as it allows the player to guide a rocket to a desired target or targets. The damage multiplier that increases the longer Navigator is active also makes the Ogris' rocket far more damaging.


  • Using Cataclysm and Rift Walk, Limbo can lock down a given area through constant bombardment while Limbo remains immune to any incoming damage.


  • By using Decoy and Switch Teleport, Loki can easily access areas that give the Ogris a huge advantage. Decoy is also a fairly good ability for gathering enemies together.
    • Irradiating Disarm can also be used to group enemies up, but its short duration (compared to Chaos) means that there is a shorter window of opportunity for enemies to bunch up.


  • Magnetize can make aiming much easier as rockets will fly towards your target.


  • The range of Shooting Gallery can be increased to stun enemies at distances safe enough for the Ogris to be used against them.
  • Keep in mind that the damage bonus from Ballistic Battery will only affect the direct impact of the rocket, not the explosion.


  • Hall of Mirrors produces 2 clones of your Warframe around you, greatly enhancing your damage output
    • Should one of the clones trigger an explosion next to you, you won't receive damage from it.
    • The clones do not obstruct your line of fire, you will fire through them if they happen to be between you and your target. 
    • Since the clones stand around you, the total explosion radius gets significantly increased.
      • This is further enhanced by the use of Firestorm which increases the blast radius of each rocket.
      • Modding the Ogris with Heavy Caliber and Split Chamber will even further increase the range of devastation as this will make the Ogris fire a total of 6 rockets (2 for you and 2 for each Doppleganger, as only 2 actually fire weapons) in a wide spread.
      • This setup can also be used to take full advantage of the new Ogris exclusive Nightwatch Napalm mod, leaving a field of fireballs in the aftermath.
    • Hall of Malevolence increases the damage dealt with each enemy killed, counteracting the damage penalty of Hall of Mirrors. This gets further enhanced with the use of power strength mods which decrease the damage penalty as well.


  • Both Terrify, and Shadows of the Dead, can distract enemies long enough for a rocket. However, Terrify may cause enemies to move around unpredictably.
    • Using the augment Creeping Terrify, however, along with an appropriately-modded build, can be extremely effective at quickly eliminating tougher enemies.


  • Fire Walker and Blazing Chakram can be used to get some distance between Nezha and his targets.
    • Blazing Chakram can be used to reach vantage points to get a clear shot
  • Warding Halo can be used to mitigate self-damage from the Ogris, but it is preferred to keep your distance while firing due to Nezha's poor durability.
  • Divine Spears can immobilize groups of enemies for a rocket shot.
    • Following it up with Blazing Chakram can restore large amounts of health for each enemy killed. Keep in mind that you only have 10 seconds to kill affected targets, so be quick to fire a rocket.


  • The Ogris can very easily trigger Molecular PrimeWorm Hole can place the user in a favorable position, assuming no enemies enter the worm hole.


  • Chaos can be an effective way to force enemies to group up, making for easy kills.


  • Rhino Charge can be used to escape a clump of enemies before delivering the shot with the Ogris.
  • Iron Skin can lessen or nullify the damage of getting caught in the blast radius of the Ogris.
  • Rhino can also take advantage of the damage increase of Roar, but also increases the danger of self-harm.
  • Rhino Stomp simultaneously damages and stops the enemies in their tracks, similarly to Bastille, giving Rhino clear shots at the most susceptible areas.


  • Saryn's Molt gathers enemies together, similar to Loki's Decoy, allowing her time to reach safe(r) and more favorable areas for her to then shoot at distracted targets.


  • A combination of Link and Blessing will reflect any self-damage (accidental or not) onto linked enemies, while Trinity receives reduced damage.
    • Abating Link can further increase the amount of damage linked enemies can receive.


  • Rip Line gives Valkyr unparalleled mobility with low energy cost, allowing her to get anywhere very quickly, or to momentarily gain a height advantage and fire from overhead. It can also serve as a means of escape if enemies get too close.


  • The use of Vauban's abilities does not interfere with the charging, firing, and reloading of the Ogris; this allows the Vauban to quickly alternate between using abilities and using the Ogris. This flexibility arguably makes Vauban one of the better Warframes with which to use the Ogris.
  • Charging the Ogris while Bouncing yourself and firing from overhead can clear out a wave in the event where standing on the ground would not do so effectively.
  • Bastille suspends enemies, thus making them easy targets for the Ogris. This tactic is very effective against the Infested, and is very useful when Bastille is used at narrow chokepoints.
  • Vortex gathers all affected enemies into one location, thereby clustering them. Shooting the Ogris at or near this cluster is an effective method, damaging, if not killing, many enemies at once. Be careful when using this method as Vortex has a high energy cost.


  • Iron Jab can knock down enemies close to its selected target, making them vulnerable to a rocket.
  • Defy is particularly useful in avoiding accidental deaths from the Ogris, though keep in mind that the amount of health restored will diminish with subsequent revives and Wukong's energy reserves will also take a hit.
    • Once activated, Defy's temporary invulnerability may allow for multiple close proximity rockets. Further use of this advantage is possible by modding Wukong for Power Duration.
  • Cloud Walker allows Wukong to safely travel to vantage points or move away from targets too close to fire safely.


  • Much like Rip Line before it, Tail Wind gives Zephyr a lot of mobility, allowing her to reach a good vantage point to open fire safely. Other strategies include;
    • Using Tail Wind once while on the ground to gain a height advantage to shoot enemies directly below her. However, do keep in mind the blast radius.
      • Jumping then using Tail Wind straight up creates more distance from the ground and eliminates the danger of self-damage.
  • Due to Zephyr's reduced falling speed, she can hang in the air for an extended period of time to line up shots and/or "float" away from the enemy and fire the Ogris before landing.
  • Turbulence is also a very effective skill when combined with the Ogris, as it can shield Zephyr from enemy gunfire (though not melee units) so long as the gunfire originates 'outside' the range of Turbulence.
    • With the Jet Stream augment, Zephyr becomes faster, and any non-hitscan projectiles she fires will inherit a speed-boost from the ability's effect. The Ogris projectile is normally fairly slow, but this ability can make it fly very quickly.
      • Keep in mind, however, that Turbulence will 'not' protect you from self-damage, and neither will having Jet Stream equipped. As Zephyr has a paltry 15 armor, this means you must exercise extreme caution so as not to (potentially literally) shoot yourself in the foot.