• Rocket itself only deals minor damage, when compared to the AoE damage. Hitting an enemy directly with a rocket will only deal a fraction of the potential damage, and the enemy hit will not receive AoE damage. Aim above their heads or the ground by their feet for best results.
  • Allies and the user's Sentinel do not take damage from the rockets.
  • Rockets fired from the Ogris will not pass through allies and can result in serious injury or death to the user if they are too close.
  • Does not 'home-into' targets as seen on the Grineer Bombard's Ogris.
  • Some players can find the Ogris difficult to use when fighting against a faction predominantly numbered with melee units, such as the Infested, as the risk of self-harm is more prevalent around melee units.
  • Landing on feet as well as rolling will interrupt charge, while sprinting, double jumping, sliding and landing with a slide does not.
  • Pressing reload while holding charge will cancel the charge and reload the weapon if the magazine is not full. Otherwise, it will only cancel the charge. This is also true for Lanka, Ballistica, Opticor and Drakgoon.
  • Causes the same lighting effect as shooting an explosive barrel upon impact.
  • Prior to Update 13, rockets from the Ogris were unable to pass through Volt's Electric Shield, instead they would collide with the shield and explode.
  • Both the actual rocket and the explosion can deal critical hits. 
  • The explosions of the Ogris rockets can be unreliable, as it sometimes deals no damage on its AoE despite of the proper shot. (Bug or player error.)
  • In the Color Customization, the energy of the Ogris can be seen by the two lights appearing at the back of the weapon when fully charged.
  • When using Adhesive Blast, the rocket will stick to your target and deal damage over time and can apply status effects including Slash b Slash.


  • Even though the player-usable Ogris and the Grineer Bombard's Ogris are technically the same weapon, the two have different sound-effects, travel-time and firing mechanics – one is a slow, homing missile while the other is a fast-travelling rocket that only travels in a straight line.
  • When charging, smoke can be seen coming off. This may be a process of activating the explosive detonite mixture.
  • Strangely enough for an explosive, this weapon does not cause enemies to gib heavily, even on direct hits to their weakspots.
  • The Ogris' model was changed significantly in Update 16. Prior to that, it used a simpler, box-shaped model. The old Ogris model received several graphical updates before it was replaced outright;
    • Prior to Hotfix 8.1.3, the only indicator of the charge-up time was the noise, which was often difficult to hear in the middle of chaotic firefights and usually led to jamming.
      • The weapon now emits smoke and the exhaust tubes and clip vibrate and wobble when charging and when fully charged.
      • The charging indicator light changes color based on the map tile. For example, on asteroid bases, the light is reddish in color, and on Grineer ships, the light is completely white.
    • Prior to Update 9.5, the Ogris used the same reloading animation as most other rifles, which resulted in the player appearing to empty a non-existing magazine and slapping the bottom of the weapon.
      • The Ogris is one of the weapons that has a non-static model, as its knobs at its back turn while reloading.
    • The old Ogris model humorously had the words "BIG HURT F43" written in Grineer on both sides. This is odd considering it is a clan-made version and not a direct copy of the ones used by the Grineer.
  • Decreasing the charge time of the Ogris using fire rate mods will increase the pitch of the charging sound as well.
  • If playing as Valkyr, one can Rip Line onto a rocket fired by an Ogris.
  • The Ogris' projectiles are spiked, which fits the Grineer theme but serves no real purpose. It does however, make Adhesive Blast more logical as the spikes would dig into objects and enemies.


  • Firing at a reactor in Sabotage missions does not destroy any of the vials attached.
  • Firing at Lephantis does not deal explosive damage to the targeted area (only the damage of the projectile impact is counted).