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Organ Shatter increases the critical damage of a melee weapon by 15% per rank for a maximum of 90% at rank 5.


Rank Effect Cost Conclave
0 +15% 4 C5
1 +30% 5 C5
2 +45% 6 C6
3 +60% 7 C8
4 +75% 8 C9
5 +90% 9 C10


  • Organ Shatter does not increase the damage dealt while invisible because that bonus damage is due to stealth, despite also using the same color damage indicators (yellow). It will increase critical damage while invisible, though, which is indicated by red numbers.
  • The critical damage increase is multiplicative, not additive. Applying this to a weapon strike that does 200% on a critical will make it do 380% damage (2.00 × 1.9), not 290% (2.00 + 0.90).
  • A combination of maxed True Steel with maxed Organ Shatter on a weapon that has 25% crit and does 200% damage results in a DPS increase of 70%: (40% × 3.80) + 60% = 212% versus the unmodded calculation of (25% × 2.00) + 75% = 125%. 212% over the original 125% = ~70% over the original amount. Since this increase is implicitly part of the base weapon damage it will increase all parts of the strike including elements / armor penetration by the same amount.


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